'Mad World MMO' launching this fall on Steam and others

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Hey guys,

We are a game studio from Korea, and just want to make an announcement that we are planning to launch our game called 'Mad World' on Steam along with other platforms this fall.

Mad World is a dark-themed 2D MMORPG that stays true to the classic MMORPGs with a few tweaks, focusing more on the combat and community features.  You can find more information on our website.

Many people asked us what tools we use so we make a list of them here.  One of our goals is to make an engine that's perfect for developing an MMORPG with HTML5.

We started working on the engine side from 2013, and the actual game development for Mad World began in 2015.  We decided to go with HTML5 mainly because of its cross-platform feature.

There aren't many HTMl5 devs in Korea but it's beginning to get some attention in recent months.

Feel free to drop a question on our forum.

Thank you for the read, and Happy Lunar New year!


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