[Phaser] Exocraft - Build, Battle and Mine on a Dying Alien World

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16 hours ago, makis said:

Thank you very much for the response to my question.

I would like to ask if the income originates from the adds or purhasing the games?

Sure! We don't actually have any ads on our games (we do have an offer wall on this one, though it is barely generating any revenue to be worth it, so it'll likely get removed before too long). We mostly monetize through limited edition item sales and premium currency.

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Tested using Chrome on MacOS Mojave.

Very Impressive. Great visual design, addictive gameplay(I had to stop myself so I could get back to work), and good performance. It comes across very professionally and well polished. So much so that I had to check it out closely, and I must say that I have nothing but compliments to offer.

Great work, and Good Luck!

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The web was really just our soft launch, and now that we've fleshed out a lot of the features and content (still lots more on that front though), we are starting to roll the game out on other platforms. The first of those stops is a PC download through the Windows Store, available as of today!



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