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The object of Drop Blocks is to position the falling pieces to get 3 of the same color in a row, column or diagonally. Use arrow keys to move and rotate. Each level adds a new color and will get progressively harder! Mobile users will have a touch arrow pad and wildcard button to play this HTML5 game!

Here is the Link to the Game:



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Your game is very good! It reminds me of Flash Columns.

There were a few minor problems for me when I played your game:

  • The key repeat comes too fast for me. It should not come earlier than after one second of holding the key.
  • Pressing a key after the game-over would be quicker than clicking quit.
  • I had the feeling that blocks should also be removed when they are connected 3/4 times or more via the vertical or horizontal edge like in Flash Columns
    Triggering a sense of easiness is very addictive in this case.

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great game, very addictive!

I like how you combined the retro look with the super-smooth motion of the blocks, nice job! I must go play it some more :)

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