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  1. The Stack Among Us It is a hyper casual HTML5 game with match-3 style. How To Play: Touch the screen to move impostors together.Stack them in group for elimination.Enjoy a colorful and beautiful game. BUY: https://codecanyon.net/item/stack-among-us/31152373?ref=demgam PLAY: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/stack-among-us/full_screen_preview/31152373?ref=demgam
  2. Hi there! I'd like to show you one of our game - Zombie Strike. This is a variation of match3 style game and zombie theme. The wall of the zombie comes on the player who should break the bricks on the match3 rules. Please play this: http://rivasgames.com/games/zombie-strike/ And I'd be happy to see any feedback. Also this game is available for license, feel free to contact me directly if you are interest (az[at]rivasgames.com or in private message) Thank you for your attention.
  3. This is a new (well, newish, but only recently completed & released) match 3 game in the style of an old slot machine. Have a play here:
  4. The object of Drop Blocks is to position the falling pieces to get 3 of the same color in a row, column or diagonally. Use arrow keys to move and rotate. Each level adds a new color and will get progressively harder! Mobile users will have a touch arrow pad and wildcard button to play this HTML5 game! Here is the Link to the Game: http://www.atksolutions.com/games/dropblocks.html
  5. Quinten


    Hi there, I have been tinkering with phaser 3 this last month and made a puzzle game i want to share with you all. Check it out at https://supernapie.com/games/unmatch It's a match 3 game based on the Wisconsin card sorting test. Properties (color, shape and count) must either completely match or be completely different. For example three red tiles with different shapes but 2 shapes on each tile. Or three different colors, 1 tile with one triangle, 1 tile with 2 triangles and 1 tile with 3 triangles. It may seem difficult, but the tutorial levels will make it clear. After the 3 tutorial levels you unlock a level editor and you can beat your own score. Feedback == welcome
  6. I am getting close to starting a social media promotion to "Release" my new game portal GuiGhost Games. My target is to go after the "Family Friendly" niche, and therefore sticks to games in that theme. All the games on my portal share the same bonus currency "StarCash" that can be earned and spent across the games. I have the Facebook integration currently turned off as the apps are still listed in Dev mode, so those items will not work, but thought I might get some outside opinions on the game play from this community first. Full Disclosure: These games are the product of me following tutorials that I extended, using open source examples that I skinned/tweaked to fit my style. The last year has been spent learning the ins and outs, following tutorials, as well as exploring the many frameworks available. All my games are targeted to be mobile friendly, and attempt to resize and look good on all devices. Some are just skins of open source code, and others started with a tutorial of the basic mechanics and grew into a full game play experience, such as GuiGhost Farms and Gui Bubble Story Here are a couple of screenshots from the games I spent the most time on. Shout out to http://rembound.com/articles, and http://www.emanueleferonato.com for the great tutorials on getting started in HTML5 game development, and to all the great artists on https://opengameart.org/ for the open source assets used in these games. Some of these games are still a little rough around the edges, but I would appreciate any feedback before I start pushing this out on social channels.
  7. Hey guys, we've made our second HTML5 game. The game itself is written in Phaser. It's a simplified match-3 game (tile popper) with 10 levels and the endless mode. Each level has 3-star rating and it's own unique challenge. Unlocking a challenge gives you an achievement. The endless mode is a beat-the-highscore type of level. We're looking for a sponsor that might be interested in licensing it. You can check it out here: http://overhype.com/games/pop_soap/
  8. Fruit Spritzer is a WIP match3 (Candy Crush, Bejewelled) style game. Simple mechanic, fun, fast paced, score as much as possible in 60 seconds. High scores are recorded online, thanks to GameJolt. http://gamejolt.com/games/fruitspritzer/273499 Swipe to swap neighbouring fruits, 3 matched fruits squish, longer matches result in bonus combos, that when matched result in super-squishes: Explode - squish all fruits surrounding the match in all directions. Slicer - squish all fruits in the row/column from the match. Blender - squish all fruits of the same type as the match, matches with any fruit type. Match two bonus combos for surprise super-combos. Unlike many match3 games, the engine doesn't prevent interaction while the previous match is still running. Because time is of the essence, Fruit Spritzer allows you to continu making matches even while fruit are dropping and chain reactions happening, resulting in frantic and challenging gameplay. Think quickly, move fast, score high.
  9. Hello! Winter is coming. And for most of us winter is associated with Christmas. That's why I am glad to present you my brand new match3 HTML5 game "Christmas gifts". - All assets including sounds and graphics were made from the scratch; - Branding options are provided; - Less than 3 mb; - Both types of licenses (exclusive and non-exclusive) are available at the time of the creation of the post; PM me for details. Link to the game: http://powerthemes.eu/christmas
  10. Hi, I have 4 "connect 3" style games for licencing. Technical details: Programming language: haxe/openFL Release target: html5(js)desktop & mobile, Android, iOs, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) Graphics: HD (1920x1080) Multilingual: English... Possibility to easy extend localisation via XML Levels/categories: extendable via XML Orientation: Portrait and Landscape (mobile Web only) http://test.dfabrik.cz/gemsconnect/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/wordcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/digitcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/swatchline/ If anyone interested can contact me on PM or via email: coffeebreak.interactive[at]gmail[dot]com
  11. The Pasta! game (previously presented) features now a high score list for each level. Link: http://pasta.phyrama.com/game.html Enjoy!
  12. Welcome to the Jewelama - Match Jewels Combo game. A classic match 3 jewels game remake with new game mechanism, clear design, challenge mode and many levels. Tap and hold over the jewels with the same color, match 3 gems chain or more jewels to make a jewel combo. Use void white space to connect jewels not touching each other! Activate jewel bonuses to refresh jewels in different directions. If you are lost, just FLUSH it to reset the Jewelama level. Start your match 3 game Jewelama challenge today! If you love jewel match 3 game, forming chain of jewels or gems, you must try this one! HTML5 version: itlektor.cz/html5/jewelama ANDROID version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.petrvad.jewelama Game Features: ** Match 3 jewels game ** Challenging Jewelama gameplay ** Many randomized and themed levels ** Nice clear graphics ** Relaxing music ** Achievements (Android version) ** Challenge mode (high scores) ** Collecting jewel stars ** Bonus jewels ** Uses Google Play Services (Android version) ** Jewelama is Free to play
  13. This is a match3 Game i worked for couple of days and still working on it. Play it here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17369001/Match3-Cute-Monsters/index.html And tell me What you think.
  14. Afternoon fellow Phaser Devs, My latest Phaser incarnation is a Match 3 game with a slight twist. Instead of continuous play, you have to get the required fruits in the time limit to progress. The direction the fruit shuffles is determined by the direction you swipe.As usual, there's bonuses for 4 & 5 in a row, and a time bonus if you get both vertical and horizontal in the move, and if you cannot move, then you can mix the board up.Each level gets progressively harder, and the numbers required and the types of fruit goes up every time. It's flagged as WIP, as there are some small "features" to add... and 1 to fix, but otherwise, it's all there. Enjoy. http://www.electricpixels.co.uk/FruitSalad/index.html
  15. It is a right time to challenge your brain with ‘Gem Legends’ HTML5 game with match3 gameplay. It may seem easy and uncomplicated at first, but each brings new challenge with specific Asian flavour. The rules are facile, there is a gaming board in front of you with scattered Asian multicolored tiles, your mission is to choose a group of two or more and eliminate them all from a board. Your number of moves is limited as well as a time in different levels, watch an indicator in each level. Remove a group of 5 or more chips to get a bonus. Shift the chips to make a bonus appear in a group of chips of the same color. Follow the level instructions and find out Gem legends right now! Play: http://playtomax.com/games/Gem-Legends/
  16. Flash back to popular 'Treasures of Montezuma 2' game, that is now available in HTML5, thanks to Alawar Entertainment and PlayToMax! Well-known 'Treasures of Montezuma 2' match-3 puzzle game will definitely get you back in an exciting adventure. Take a journey back to an ancient civilization, to find out ancient riddles and Aztec secrets. Collect all the artifacts, hidden into tokens, combine pieces of the same color while playing this match-3 adventure. Choose between game modes of your taste, play more levels and make efforts in gaining jewels. Your achievements are be rewarded with bonuses, totems, and awards, that later can be exchanged for various game upgrades. Make multiple matches of the same color and unleash superior powers! Find out what is hidden under Aztec magic, keep on gathering jewels and crystals, challenge yourself with every level and rebuild the city before your time runs out. For those who played 'Treasures of Montezuma 2' game earlier, what do you feel about HTML5 version now? Share your impression! Play: http://playtomax.com/games/Treasures-Of-Montezuma-2/
  17. Hi Ancient Ore is another our match3/puzzle game we are currently finishing development of. You need to drag entire rows and columns to swap gems. We are making final changes and polishing the game at the moment, so any kind of feedback is much appreciated. I temporarily removed links on the game because it's awaiting for release, will update this post when the game will be released Thanks!
  18. Hi! We’ve recently finished working on our new puzzle/match3 game Tabby Island. It’s the game from our Fuzzy Island series. Tabby Island is based on fun (I hope ) and unique game mechanic; player need to launch fluffy kittens to score points and complete various missions. Looking forward for any feedback, especially about intuitiveness. In addition, the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Feel free to contact me: Skype: andriy.vinchkovskiy E-mail: [email protected] You may test game by any of these urls: http://hiddenlayergames.com/tabby/ https://tabbyinslandfgl.appspot.com/ Thanks!
  19. Are you thinking of creating your first match 3 game, but have no notion of where to start? Then this article is for you. We will try to help you understand the basic points to which you should pay attention when initiating development of this kind of project. http://renatus.com/tips-for-aspiring-match-3-developers/ Of course, there is more to the match 3 projects development that wasn’t mentioned in this post, and we promise to share it with you very soon.If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!
  20. Hi guys I have made a match 3 game and open-sourced it (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0) since it's a popular genre that many developers end up making at some point. The match 3 logic is in it's own .js file so you can easily take it for use in your own projects. Here is the link Open Match 3 Game If you follow the link you can download or fork the code to edit directly in your browser. Please let me know what you think
  21. Hi everyone. A few weeks back I posted an open source match 3 game here. I have used the core logic to make a new game. The game is a match 3 mixed with a side scroller. You collect items by making matches, and then have to use those items to progress as the screen scrolls. You can check out the game here I think the bright yellow text on the menu screens should be replaced with proper art, but for now, give it a try and tell me what you think. Edit. Screenshots coming shortly
  22. Hi, please check our new game. Hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if you have problem or feedback! http://temp.paulp.ws/html5/match/
  23. Hi game developers, We're a game publisher and we've got a special offer for match 3 games that can run on Facebook, iOS and Android: 30,000 free game installs on Facebook and 10,000 on mobile. To apply you should have a Match 3 game which is already live or can be launched on either Facebook, iOS or Android. By Match 3 here we mean any game with tile-matching, cluster-breaking, trace-a-line, or bubble-shooting mechanics where you have to align a certain number of the same pieces in a row/cluster/or else. Your game must be free-to play with in-app purchases (or at least, you should be ready to implement one). Send your game for review via this registration form: http://special-offer.renatus.com/
  24. Hello, guys! Just finished new game. It's very fun match5 puzzle. Enjoy!
  25. Hi there! This week we want to share with you one of the earlier games that we developed, Snacky Line! Snacky Line is a cute little connecting games where you must connect two object of the same type quickly to get higher combo and score. Far away objects can be connected as long as there are no other object between them. For such a short games, we do learn a lot about Phaser when making this Link: http://j.mp/snackyline Hope you like this simple games! As usual, do let me know if you have feedback or problem
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