Run Astro Run - My first HTML5 game

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I would like to show you my first html5 game that I created with Construct 2: RUN ASTRO RUN

The game has 15 levels, can be played both on desktop than on mobile and works both in LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT mode.

Here is the link to the page of my website where you can play the game:

I would really appreciate if you try it and say to me what do you think and how can I make it better for the future...

Thank you,



How much far Astro can run? In this action game that puts to test your gamer skills you have to help Astro The Alien to run away from the evil Red. Jump from asteroid to asteroid but beware of the hot ones! Time accurately your jumps on the pulsating ones! Avoid the burning comets! Be fast or the evil Red will catch you! Reach your trusty space ship and fly away! Freedom is just over the corner...


Jump from asteroid to asteroid doing single or double jumps. Avoid landing on the hot asteroids or you will be instantly burned. Time accurately your jump on the pulsating ones so that you will step on them only when they are cold. Jump over the burning comets or you will get blasted. Try to be fast or the red ufo will capture you. Your main goal is to reach the spaceship parked at the end of each level and fly away.

DESKTOP: Press the Z and X keys to make the alien do a short or long jump respectively.
MOBILE/TABLET: Touch the two icons on the left and right sides of the screen to make the alien do a short or long jump respectively.




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Hah, great. I didn't come far but I like the 1/2 jump concept and the look of your game really much.

In some countries the place of the Z and Y key is swapped , and then the control isn't that easy.

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