[WIP] Left 4 Dead remake

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Hi, this is an HTML5 game I am currently working on, using Phaser 3.

It's a remake of the "Left 4 Dead" game by Valve.

You are a survivor in a team of 4 and your goal is to get to safety while shooting infected zombies along the way.
This game is highly cooperative, requiring you to help other teammates.



  • Enter to start
  • Space to shoot
  • Control to interact
  • Escape to go back to menu

You can play it HERE

Give me some feedback please 😊

For bug reports please go on the github page here
some bugs force you to restart the game - F5)

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After you choose your pers, the game loading  take some time and there is no progress bar etc just a black screen It's make player think like game doesn't load... The gameplay is fun, I think the sound effects and music themes picked perfectly. I have stuck in some strange place (maybe I died but there is no message or etc img below) Like a kiklop133 said "AI of fellows is quite nice" But sometimes they try to shoot through the walls, but who knows maybe in their situation I will shit my pants and shoot in any direction 😂



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45 minutes ago, Umz said:

Not sure if I became a zombie or not, but all my health disappeared and I was walking slowly?

Really fun though, my team were awesome!

Yes, that is what happens when you are severely injured, gotta watch for healthkits at that point 😉

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