Education Game-Based Learning Platform Looking to Build 500 Math Games

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Hello! My name is Brian and I'm the Developer Community Manager with Legends of Learning. 

Legends of Learning is a EdGame platform looking for HTML5, Unity or Construct 2 developers to build 500 short (5-25 minute) Math games. Payout ranges from $1000 - $50000 per game depending on performance. To date, $4 Million has been paid and 1000+ games have been built. Sprint open now with slots on first come - first serve basis. Average of $4000 per game. Creative control left entirely to the developer! 

To learn more about the company and opportunity and to submit your information, navigate here:

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10 hours ago, alex_h said:

Is the deal that aside from a small initial up front payment you then get paid on a basis of how many plays your game gets? Like a form of rev share?

In addition to that question, since you don't accept already made games, is the license of the newly created games exclusive? Can I use that game I made elsewhere?

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