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Found 11 results

  1. Help pls me to choose right language for beginner . I found online courses about C# here , you can recommend other learning resources or other language for start.
  2. We are planning on making an advanced Phaser course that goes beyond the usual "how to make a XYZ type of game in Phaser". What topics should a course like that include? I know Lazer is in the making, but this course would be focused on Phaser 2.x.
  3. Hello! My name is Brian and I'm the Developer Community Manager with Legends of Learning. Legends of Learning is a EdGame platform looking for HTML5, Unity or Construct 2 developers to build 500 short (5-25 minute) Math games. Payout ranges from $1000 - $50000 per game depending on performance. To date, $4 Million has been paid and 1000+ games have been built. Sprint open now with slots on first come - first serve basis. Average of $4000 per game. Creative control left entirely to the developer! To learn more about the company and opportunity and to submit your information, navigate here: https://www.legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer/
  4. DA QUIZ Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.donrifgames.daquiz iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/da-quiz/id1178665864 Hey everybody! I just released "Da Quiz" on the App Store & Google Play, it's a trivia / quiz word game with up to 900 questions to answer! There are 6 categories (Sports, Cinema, Music, Video Games, History and Geography) and I intend to make updates to add questions and categories frequently! It was made in Construct 2 and exported using the Phonegap build! Construct 2 is a very powerful tool and looks like Construct 3 will be a lot better! I hope you'll give it a shot and your feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks again and Quiz on!
  5. Howdy! This might be a bit too much brain dump for a forum, but here goes... By way of background, I'm the author of 3D Game Programming for Kids. I've been evaluating Babylon (and others) as I prep for an updated edition. The book first came out at the end of 2013 when Three.js was pretty much the only game in town. It's fun seeing what's available in 2017. And Babylon is among my happy discoveries. That said, I've got some questions / feedback -- and am especially curious if others use Babylon to teach. I totally get that Babylon isn't a teaching library. So feel free to ignore some / all of this.. First up, I really appreciate the beauty of the resulting animations that I get with Babylon. Even with simple shapes (e.g. those in an intro chapter), things are pretty and don't require much fiddling with lights and cameras. The various support handlers (resizing) are unobtrusive and work solidly. And the integrated physics is a joy. I seriously love working with that stuff. That said... The API kinda bugs me (and I say that with due love!)... One of the things that I try to do in the book is keep the typing to a minimum. It's aimed at kids -- motivated kids -- but kids nonetheless. The more typing, the higher the likelihood of errors. The more that code requires switching between all caps, and camelcase, the more likelihood of coding errors. The more namespace depth, the higher the likelihood of errors. The same goes for the number of arguments in constructors and methods. As well as the different kinds of arguments (strings, numbers, objects, and attribute objects -- curly braces can be daunting!). In addition to a lot of typing, needing to label every mesh and supply every mesh with a scene object is burdensome without providing much conceptual relevancy. That is, I have to teach kids / adults to include them all the time even though names aren't used much -- at least not when introducing concepts. Mostly, I wonder why createSphere can't auto-assign the name "sphereN" when the first argument isn't a string. My understanding is that the scene argument helps with memory management, which is cool -- it seems to work. That said, I wouldn't mind the option of being able to tell the scene to add a mesh instead of creating a mesh for the scene. And really, I'd like fewer arguments for my own sanity in addition to teaching. So I'm curious if anyone deals with teaching or has suggestions for how to deal with these things. I've thought about writing a simple wrapper that flattens some of the namespace, auto-assigns a label, and simplifies the MeshBuilder create methods. Maybe something that creates a sphere even when no arguments are supplied, creates a sphere with diameter when the first argument is a number, or creates a sphere with named attributes when the last argument is an object literal. But of course, that's work for me (shudder). Plus the older kids / adults that want to start "real" Babylon coding will be at a disadvantage. Along those lines, I understand why MeshBuilder creates the shape and material at the same time. Still, I appreciate Threejs' separation when teaching -- create a geometry, create a material, create a mesh by combining the two. I understand that Babylon is meant for professionals to be productive, but it'd be super nice to have access to low-level concepts for teaching (and maybe coding at times). It'd also be nice to have a set() method on Vector3 to be able to update all three at the same time instead of using the "inPlace" methods. One last thing is the left-handed coordinate system. Kids just aren't exposed to that in my experience. I'm grateful for the useRightHandedSystem property even if it'd be preferable not to expose it at all. I would only suggest that it's not explicit and easy to overlook for folks first coming to Babylon. Anyhow, thanks for the great framework. Really! Despite the above, I definitely anticipate using it -- even if not in the book. And thanks for providing this forum as a place to brain dump like this! -Chris
  6. Hi everyone, Kupiter is a studying tool that models the old Asteroids video game. Players shoot asteroids with letters on them to answer questions, and questions can be created and shared with others. The purpose of this project is to offer a unique way to study/learn by playing a game that is engaging and effective. Our website: kupiter.org Demo questions: kupiter.org/0000 The game features: Power-ups, weapons, bots, and explosions. Real-time leaderboards. Question importing from Quizlet Mobile device compatibility Kupiter was created using Phaser for the game itself, and nodeJS for the server back-end. All of the question sets are stored in a MongoDB database. Try it out and let me know what you think! Thanks, Kevin
  7. Dear Public, Looking For Paid Pixel Art Freelance Work. I am willing to Negotiate hourly or set wages for my pixelated artwork. Please Describe The Types and Dimensions in the Emails. Paypal Accepted. - Will Create Education Course Content Also . - Will Make Sprite Sheets w/ Animations or Individual Custom Images. The Images Below are from an Indie Game I am Creating for PC . Devil's Deal expected release 2015 .Game Features :2d Isometric Puzzle RPG Shooter .Play as 4 different Unique characters battle Hundreds of Fully Animated Enemies Boss Fights Pilot Vehicles Use Special Abilities and much much more. Looking for Sponsorship to Support a website 2016. DarkCybernetics is an Educational Website which teaches people about Computer Science Skills by motivating Students and Educators with Enjoyable Content. Full Courses on Algorithms Data Structures, Computer Vision, Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence , Game Design to name a few. Contact me: [email protected] Thank you for your Support. wwww.DarkCybernetics.com - Under Construction 2016 All Rights Reserved 2015.
  8. Todd and I (aka Gopherwood Studios) had a blast working on Heartbeat - Lightning Runners; check it out! Developed in collaboration with Digital Eskimo for the University of Western Sydney, this puzzle-platformer is aimed at addressing health and culture with aboriginal children in Sydney, Australia. It's built in HTML5, using Platypus and CreateJS for the game engine and rendering and Tiled for the level layout and design. Let us know what you think! (from our blog)
  9. Hi everyone, I'm currently working with a few partners to launch "Tappy Town" our tablet based early-learning and entertainment hub for babies to preschoolers. We're trying to take on the children's app market and would love to get some feedback from anyone with a baby and an iPad Our games hub currently has three web apps available: a bubble pop game, a particle paint app and a fun phone. Eventually there will be tools for learning ABCs, shapes, colors, numbers and more. Our target ages are about 9 months to 3 years. From the games hub there are no external links, no social networking links, no ads and no in-apps purchases. Ideally we want parents to bookmark it to their home screen so that their child can't accidentally hit the browser buttons. Tappy Town is currently targetted for iPads (iOS6+) only. It should work on most Android tablets but sound will be an issue. Just launch your iPad browser and go to TappyTown.com and click the "Go" button. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We hope to officially launch once we have the first batch of five games done and posted in the coming weeks. Thanks!
  10. I run a small multimedia company, Robbins Digital Media, and collaborate with artists to produce educational games for government contracts, among other projects. You can learn more about my company here: www.robbinsdigitalmedia.com I'm looking for a talented HTML 5 game programmer to collaborate with on an upcoming Phase 1 project. Each Phase 1 requires the creation of 1 to 3 games over the course of about 3 months. These games are fairly simple, and are mainly focused on the learning. A typical game is a small puzzle with about 6 levels of difficulty. If the Phase 1 is successful, the project moves into Phase 2 which typically involves the creation of 10 to 20 games over the course of 2 years. I create all multimedia, art, sprites, etc, and work with education instructors to create game documents, but need a a programmer to help do the coding. These projects usually require a backend to record player performance as well. We like using HTML5 and impactjs, so it would be great to find a programmer with similar experience. I currently have a few other programmers I work with, but our work load is growing and I'd like to find another talented artist to help out. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Would love to see game samples or get some idea of relevant experience from anyone interested. This is a paid, freelance job that could grow into fairly regular work. We usually have a lot of fun making these things as there's a good bit of creative freedom. Thanks!
  11. ABC ZOOM Unravel the mystery of the Polaris Learn about charge PLAY ZOOM is an educational point and click adventure we (2and2) just finished building for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Just a pure HTML5 canvas game (so it works on IE9, Safari, Firefox, etc) - all done in CreateJS. Should run on just about any mobile device, although it's designed for tablets. Helps if you clear your memory first, just in case! There are nine mini games connected by a science fiction story that exposes you to various aspects of how charge affects things across different magnifications. More details on the ABC site Screenshots People Involved Alexander Ocias, Marianne Elliott, Chris Davies, Peter Giles, Ian Brown, Gerhard Mozsi, Marcus Lam, Stefano Guzzetti, Jacob Atienza, James Sutton, Randy Olan, Monica Wood, Glen Jeffreys, Epona Schweer, Leon Young, Cameron Baker. PLAY
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