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Education Game-Based Learning Platform Looking to Build 500 Math Games


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Hello! My name is Brian and I'm the Developer Community Manager with Legends of Learning. 

Legends of Learning is a EdGame platform looking for HTML5, Unity or Construct 2 developers to build 500 short (5-25 minute) Math games. Payout ranges from $1000 - $50000 per game depending on performance. To date, $4 Million has been paid and 1000+ games have been built. Sprint open now with slots on first come - first serve basis. Average of $4000 per game. Creative control left entirely to the developer! 

To learn more about the company and opportunity and to submit your information, navigate here: https://www.legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer/

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10 hours ago, alex_h said:

Is the deal that aside from a small initial up front payment you then get paid on a basis of how many plays your game gets? Like a form of rev share?

In addition to that question, since you don't accept already made games, is the license of the newly created games exclusive? Can I use that game I made elsewhere?

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Hey Brain, first I wanna say good luck to your project, well I dont much info but yeah you can use  Javascript HTML 5, they will support your design and document too, I know about it because I mostly purchase educational based games from back to school coupons, so most games there made on it. Well, you can use this site for getting ideas about games and other things too. I hope it will work for you


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Hello! Brian

I am an HTML5 game developer with more than 6 years in making games that playable on smartphones, tablets and PCs too. 

I had worked with many Advanced JavaScript  frameworks like Phaser.js, Construct2 etc.

I had worked with long-term for a Company to develop educational and learning games in HTML5 and JavaScript. 

I am sharing this screenshots to show my work. I had many other Math and English grammer based games too.

That I will also show when we continue further discussion. Hope you find the attachment useful and like to continue the discussion with me at

email: [email protected] 

I am looking forward for your response. 


Thank you.


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