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Do you read Japanese?


I wrote new tutorial enhanced "Making your first Phaser game".




This example is enchanced some points like these.

  • change rule of game and add time limit
  • add Main menu.
  • use Basic project templates.
  • add sounds

If you don't read Japanese, please check demo and source code.


demo http://www.catch.jp/program/phaser/002/index.html

source https://github.com/ycatch/games-phaser-jumping-dude



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To celebrate my Phaser tutorial mini-book's entry to the Leanpub's lifetime bestsellers list, and as my holiday gift of thanks to those that bought and downloaded it, I did a quick and dirty video walkthrough of the main chapters of the book:




The videos can also be downloaded by getting the book at Leanpub.

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I put together a video tutorial that shows how to create a complete game using Phaser and Typescript.  It includes all the assets, Blend files to make them, source, etc...




Or direct on YouTube:


Part One -


Part Two - 

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Got bored, forked phaser-examples and came up with phaser-examples-typescript. In progress of writing all the examples in TypeScript. 


EDIT #1: It would actually help A LOT if I rememberd to drop in the actual URL for the repository.. Here you go guys: https://github.com/mikaturunen/phaser-examples-typescript/
Currently written all examples under Arcade Physics, Audio and Animations examples into TypeScript. The examples are not available online like the JavaScript versions are but you can git clone / download the repo and run it locally with the normal README.md instructions provided (grunt connect). The TypeScriptified examples show the TypeScript in the code block on the example view.


Coming in the next few releases:

  • Going through the listed issues (writing on set of examples after another one)
  • Proper TypeScript syntax highlight for the code block on the examples website with prism.js
  • Other tids and bits...
  • Open for suggestions



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