Monster Wants Candy

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I'm happy to announce that I've finished my third game (after Captain Rogers and Craigen) with Robert from Blackmoon Design and it's called Monster Wants Candy. It's a simple, casual mobile HTML5 game where you have to collect the candy to save your love from evil King.


The source code of the demo is available on GitHub, you can also read short "making of" post on the blog. The demo of this game was shown at Mozilla Festival 2013 and the Phaser tutorial I'm working on for a few months now is based on that demo.

I'd love to get any feedback on the game itself and testing on various mobile devices as I own only a few. If you find bugs or have improvements, please let me know in the comments, thanks!


Edit: The Getting Started With Phaser: Building "Monster Wants Candy" tutorial is finally available at Tuts+ Gamedev.

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This is Awesome end3r! Played fine on the Transformer Infinity Pad 700t.


However the audio started to double loop on my computer (Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m). 


To try and replicate this for yourself. I'll tell you what I did.


1) Load the game

2) I clicked to toggle the audio mute (music starts)

3) Went into the achievements area

4) clicked anywhere and came back to the home screen

5) double audio objects started running. 


The mute will only silence one of them at this point.


Hope this helps.



I really like the way your code is structured and I think I'm going to snatch some of that logic for myself. I've been hard pressed to find a good code layout for Phaser stuff.

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Thank you for the kind words and for testing the game! :)

I was fixing similar issue with double music during the gameplay a day or two ago, but it looks like I missed the one in achievements, thanks! I've fixed it and updated the code, could you please check if it works now? Cleaning the cache in a browser should help to get the latest sources.

Feel free to take whatever you want from this game, let me know if you have any questions about it or about the source code. You can also check the source code of the demo for even cleaner (and commented) code - I've promised to finish the tutorial based on this but it grow to 4k words and it's really hard to push myself and do it. That's my challenge right now, so I hope I'll be able to do it soon.

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I tested the game again and it looks like it is functioning how it should. :)


Tutorials and blog posts are always the most boring part after a project is finished. I feel your pain. I'm glad to hear you say I can use any parts of the code. For some reason it did even cross my mind to use local storage so that is opening my eyes a little bit to a few ideas. 


Do you know if this game would port well to CocoonJS?

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Wow, I really love this game! 


The visuals look very sleek, and the gameplay is very smooth. Well done!


I found a little issue with the sprite while it's idle, probably overlapping sprites in the sprite sheet? I uploaded the video to YouTube:


If you look at the right side of the monster, a few black pixels appear for a frame or two, obviously from another sprite in the sprite sheet.


Anyway, really well done! :)

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Thanks! :D

It looks like it's not so easy to fix - I tried building that spritesheet from ground up a few times with different techniques, checked the rendering in the game and I just can't find any error on my side, so it might be a Phaser problem. I'll try to work on it and fix it, thanks for pointing that out!

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