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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a pixel artist who works for a small video game company, i love making video games assets, mainly spritesheets and tilesets. I'm open for commissioned pixel art work till the end of September. You can have a glimpse on some of my work in the attached files below You can reach me via email: [email protected] or by letting me a message on my store on CM: Creative market: https://creativemarket.com/Fassous See ya fellow gamemakers ?
  2. Hello gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites. I can create animated characters, props, tiles, buildings, etc. Notes - I don't work for free or royalties/shares. - I don't work with Pixel-Art Contact E-mail: [email protected] Portfolio: https://remusprites.carbonmade.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RemosTurcuman I am here offering my services to anyone interested, here are some samples of my work :
  3. Hi everyone I'm currently running my own asset website where I post all my own work for developers such as yourselves to use in their games. The site's been going for over 18 months now and I've accumulated a good collection of assets already. The idea of the site is to produce useful assets at affordable prices. The site isn't just another asset store, it's kind of a personal thing and all the assets their are my own with the intention of maintaining a kind of continuity of style across all the assets I produce, although they have changed slightly over time as I've settled into a style. At the moment there is only one style of work on the site so I don't expect there to be something for everyone, but I'm trying to keep the art style universal and easy to replicate should people want to create their own assets that fit in with the style. I'd really love to hear your feed back on the site too. It is finished and fully operations but it's a work in progress and I'm continually improving it over time. I know a lot of indie developers produce games as a hobby without the expectation of turning a large profit from their work so I'm really trying to keep prices down. I also produce free assets which you can use freely in your commercial projects Which is partly why I'm writing this post, as I would like to share the free work I do with everyone who reads this and also generate interest in my asset collection. Here's the first free work I'd like to share with you all I'll post more stuff when it's completed. You can download the asset from the attachment to this post Here's a link to my asset collection website where you'll find more free assets: https://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/graphics/ I've also included a preview image of the assets. donuts.zip
  4. You may already be aware, that I'm setting up a site offering free and low priced 2d assets, I'm working hard to produce as many as I can. Whenever I create an asset I always offer the asset in various styles and views. If we were talking about an animated fish, Of which there are a few on the site already, I would offer the fish laid out on a spritesheet and I would offer individual frames and I would also offer inverted versions of the animation in both the spritesheet and individual frames. As you might have guessed this is a mountain of work, and takes more time than designing and drawing the asset. So I really need to find out what is really necessary and what is not. That way I can save time and produce more. So my questions are as follows. How do you use your assets in your engines/games, Do you use inverted versions of sprites, Meaning sprite facing left and sprite facing right, or do you do it in the engine? I have written my own html5 games from scratch ,without an engine and I used inverted sprites just to save time, but I have experience with unity3d and other engines and with them I didn't need inverted sprites. are inverted sprites something you find necessary? Do you ever use individual keyframe animations or do you always use a spritesheet? should I not bother exporting each frame as a single image or should I just lump each animation sequence onto a spritesheet? By the way if you're interested in seeing or using some of my assets you can view them here http://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com and as always if you have any ideas as to what you think might be some popular game asset ideas I'm always grateful to hear them. I can't do commissions as I don't really have time, this website is sucking the life from me. But fresh ideas are great to hear.
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