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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am a freelance concept artist/ illustrator, who is currently available for work again! I specialize in character and creature design for fantasy and horror games. feel free to contact me at : [email protected] here is some of my work:
  2. Hello gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites. I can create animated characters, props, tiles, buildings, etc. Notes - I don't work for free or royalties/shares. - I don't work with Pixel-Art Contact E-mail: [email protected] Portfolio: https://remusprites.carbonmade.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RemosTurcuman I am here offering my services to anyone interested, here are some samples of my work :
  3. OlegShaygu


    Hi! I'm a newborn at Pixi.JS and ask your help. I'm trying to put 4 characters on the stage in one line. They are moving one by one (in ticker function). Stage width is 928px. The gap between characters is 800px. And I can't understand why first three characters are put at the stage right way, but the last one is above the third one. It seems like the the width is not enough. What should I do?
  4. Hello guys, I have just a theoretical question, that should lead me in the right direction Let's say I have a mesh, I would cut off the mesh in separate bodyparts let's say for now it would be [ BP_HEAD ] [ BP_CHEST ] [ BP_LEGGINGS ] [ BP_BOOTS ] [ BP_GLOVES ] And from my previous experience I would say I will have a rig, and this rig whil get exported with each bodypart file. i00_imperial_armor_head.obj/fbx/whatever Containing Mesh, rig, vertex data etc i00_imperial_armor_chest.obj/fbx/whatever Containing Mesh, rig, vertex data etc i00_imperial_armor_leggings.obj/fbx/whatever Containing Mesh, rig, vertex data etc i00_imperial_armor_boots.obj/fbx/whatever Containing Mesh, rig, vertex data etc i00_imperial_armor_gloves.obj/fbx/whatever Containing Mesh, rig, vertex data etc Is babylon capable of combining all this parts together? I mean does it have needed methods to work with this type of things? Thank you:)
  5. I am struggling to make Phaser text field show special characters like these: [ {"str":"ā","codeValue":257,"analog":"-a", "analogCodes": [45, 97]}, {"str":"ī","codeValue":299,"analog":"-i", "analogCodes": [45, 105]}, {"str":"ū","codeValue":363,"analog":"-u", "analogCodes": [45, 117]}, {"str":"ṛ","codeValue":7771,"analog":"r.", "analogCodes": [114, 46]}, {"str":"ṝ","codeValue":7773,"analog":"-r.", "analogCodes": [45, 114, 46]}, {"str":"ḷ","codeValue":7735,"analog":"l.", "analogCodes": [108, 46]}, {"str":"ḹ","codeValue":7737,"analog":"-l.", "analogCodes": [45, 108, 46]}, {"str":"ṁ","codeValue":7745,"analog":".m", "analogCodes": [46, 109]}, {"str":"ṃ","codeValue":7747,"analog":"m.", "analogCodes": [109, 46]}, {"str":"ḥ","codeValue":7717,"analog":"h.", "analogCodes": [104, 46]}, {"str":"ñ","codeValue":241,"analog":"~n", "analogCodes": [126, 110]}, {"str":"ṅ","codeValue":7749,"analog":".n", "analogCodes": [46, 110]}, {"str":"ṭ","codeValue":7789,"analog":"t.", "analogCodes": [116, 46]}, {"str":"ḍ","codeValue":7693,"analog":"d.", "analogCodes": [100, 46]}, {"str":"ṇ","codeValue":7751,"analog":"n.", "analogCodes": [110, 46]}, {"str":"ś","codeValue":347,"analog":"'s", "analogCodes": [39, 115]}, {"str":"ṣ","codeValue":7779,"analog":"s.", "analogCodes": [115, 46]} ] People call them Sanskrit:IAST letters, romanic version for letters from Devanagari alphabet. Some of them are not show at all, apart from those that are near code 256. Ones that are bigger like 7773 or such are not shown. Which font should I use or are there some style settings I could use?
  6. Hi there, i want to offer my service as an illustrator and animator. Basically I will design your characters and backgrounds and animate them, I can make trailers or any promotional materials as well. Pictures will speak better I guess, my website: www.yanivcahoua.com See you soon! Yaniv
  7. There seem to few resources when it comes to getting started with the turbulenz framework. Any one who knows his/her way through the SDK? The documentation seems promising and it would be fun developing with the framewok. https://turbulenz.com
  8. Our company has been doing this Free Sprite of the Week thing for a little while, so I thought I'd let you know about it, as it's probably useful to some people here. The idea is that one of the animated characters, creatures, etc. that are normally for sale, is given away for free, and there is a new one each week. It seems to be working well for now, and if people don't abuse it, we intend to keep doing this for some time. This week it's an unicorn... and everyone loves unicorns, so you should absolutely get it! If you don't love unicorns, then there's something wrong with you, really There are also other free sprites if you look in the Market area of the website, and some of them (no, all of them) are really cool The ones that aren't free are still very cheap, especially now, since it's all a new thing and literally everything is 50% off for another week or so. The characters with a + next to their names are "premium" ones, that have a much higher resolution, higher frame rate, a larger number of camera angles, and a more complete animation set. The animation sets have been made in a way that makes them suitable to any type of game, from platforming to point-n-click adventures, to isometric RPG's, etc. Just as an example of what one of these animation sets includes, most of the + characters have the following animations seen from 12 different angles (8 isometric and 4 straight-on ones): Idle, Angry_01, Angry_02, Assemble, Bow_01, Bow_02, Bow_Curtsey, Box_PickUp, Box_Pull, Box_Push, Button_Push, Celebrate_01, Celebrate_02, Climb, Crouch, Crouch_Walk, Dance, Death_Backwards, Death_Backwards_Get_Up, Death_Forward, Death_Forward_Get_Up, Door_Pull, Door_Push, Fall, Fight_Stance, Give_Item, Hang_Ledge, Hang_Ledge_Left, Hang_Ledge_Right, Hang_Wall, Hang_Wall_Left, Hang_Wall_Right, Happy_01, Happy_02, Item_Pick_Up, Jump_Up, Jump_Flip, Kick_Flying_Kick, Kick_High, Kick_Low, Kick_Mid, Kick_Spin, Land, Lever_Big_Pull, Lever_Pull, Magic_Raise, Magic_Sky, Magic_Throw, Magic_Thrust, Point_Down, Point_Forward, Point_Forward_Down, Point_Forward_Up, Point_Up, Pull_Up_Ladder, Pull_Up_Ledge, Pull_Up_Wall, Punch_High, Punch_Low, Punch_Mid, Punch_Spin, Reach_01, Reach_02, Run, Sad, Sitting_Cross_Legs, Sitting_Talking, Sitting_Down, Slide_Down, Slide_Left, Slide_Right, Smash, Standing, Standing_Fold_Arms, Standing_Hands_On_Hips, Standing_Look_About, Standing_Up, Stand_To_Climb, Stand_To_Fight, Step_Backwards, Swim, Talk, Throw, Walk, Wave, What Hopefully you'll find something useful in there. Also, if you have any requests for something that you'd like to see, or want stuff to be made exclusively for your games, this is sometimes possible, so if you want just send me a message and I'll forward it to the people that do these things (I only write code and know nothing about art and animation).
  9. Hi. My name is Luka. I'm a game artist/game designer with 5 years of experience. I used to work as a 3D environmental artist for a couple of medium sized studios and worked on games released on various platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, PS3, Xbox 360), but my focus now is solely 2D game art (characters, backgrounds, tiles,...) I can work for a fixed price (if you have an asset list or a detailed design doc) or for $40 per hour. If you have any questions, would like to know more about my work or if you desire a quote, contact me at luka.vider (at) gmail.com or drop me a PM. I should point out that the quality of the attached images isn't optimal, but I had to resize them because they were way too big. Cheers, Luka
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