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Found 3 results

  1. agora

    Phaser and gyro

    Hi, Does phaser play nicely with gyro.js? Does it have a built in gyro support for ios input? I could not find anything in the documentation or example. Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, We have just launched a new service and JS library named PlugPIN. This free service makes it really easy for developers to turn smartphones into remote controls for games, apps or devices. You can check it out at: www.plugpin.com The idea about plugpin is that you can connect any smartphone to any device anywhere. Nog passwords, login's etc. Just fire up your browser, enter the pin and go. Currently there are just two examples displaying the functionality on the homepage. But there are some more examples in the documentation. Please check them out. And if you like it then don't hesitate to test it out. We would really like to know what you think about it and if you would like to use it. If you have any questions or remarks concerning PlugPIN JS. Then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you out. Joost @ PlugPIN
  3. Hello! I am new to Phaser and so far are loving this engine. To learn how to develop with the engine I decided to try to recreate a Doodle Jump style game and have come across two questions: The first one: is it possible to disable certain types of collisions but not others? By this I mean, if you recall Doodle Jump, when the sprite touches the bottom of one of the platforms it doesn't interact with it, but when it lands on top of one, then the sprite jumps, so it continues to go up the map. I cannot figure out how to do this. I know that with Phaser I can detect certain types of collisions by using 'touching.down' and 'touching.up', but what i have tried hasn't worked. My second questions is: I want to use the gyro or accelerometer to make the sprite move. I was wondering if someone could point or show me a very simple example of taking information from these sensors to make a sprite move. Thank you.
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