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Found 4 results

  1. The original Metroid for NES turns 30 years this year. To celebrate this and as an exercise I'm recreating the game with Phaser (although it will probably be just a partial remake). I put what I have done so far online tonight and embedded it in a quickly made dedicated Wordpress site. The site was made partly to offer Nintendo an explanation to what this is and a contact form to send a cease and desist request to if they would stumble upon this and decide that they disagree with it. I'm particularly happy with the still unoptimized performance on my mobile (only tested in Android/Chrome), but beware that there will be a significant delay between the title screen to the actual game on weaker devices. Available here: Update - 2016-03-29: Alpha 2 Alpha 2 was uploaded today which adds complete world map, save game support, elevators, dat.GUI integration, two player mode (experimental) and 16-bit mode (experimental). Read more: First version includes: Complete Brinstar map, but only populated with enemies in the path to the first missiles All items except varia and wave beam. Keep right to reach a special room containing all of them. All brinstar enemy types. They won’t behave exactly as in the original though. My aim was to add them all, and in some cases I just went ahead as I remember them without comparing with the original. Doors, destroyable blocks and lava. Touch controls on touch devices (and decent performance on at least my Nexus 5 mobile).
  2. To my great surprise I've actually stayed focused on a game project long enough to produce a playable level. Robotic Conflict is inspired by the NES-version of Gunsmoke (I actually used Gunsmoke sprites as space holders during most of the development). I started working on it with mobiles in mind, thus the portrait orientation. It also ran quite well on my Nexus 5 until sometime half-way through the development when I shifted focus to just make something "finished" regardless of performance. There is a lot of inconsistencies in the source code, known bugs, hard coded hacky solutions, wierd globals and stuff that should really be pooled etcetera. Instead of trying to fix an annoying bug when restarting the game play-state I decided to force the player to reload the page on death or finishing the game. At this moment I'm not sure if this is a WIP-version or if I will just abandon it as it is. Features: Four different enemies. Four types of weapons. Three kinds of power ups. One boss fight. A few minutes game play. Try it here:
  3. Hi, I've been working on this project since Jan 2013. Basically is a adventure side scrolling game ala Zelda 2 style. View Trailer Play Demo in browser The game is programmed in javascript using impactjs engine. some of the features include: • An expansive island to explore with over 16 unique bosses • Customize your character with an engaging Level Up System • Chain attacks to make enemies drop more items • Experiment with different magic attacks to defeat Elliot’s enemies • Solve puzzles to find hidden crystals and access secret areas • Hunt powerful monsters to find powerful weapons • 3 unique endings based on your decisions • Original Music by Michael Chait -- listen at • Well-balanced gameplay that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master PS I plan to sell the game so if you like it consider voting on steam greenlight.
  4. Hello, I am to develop a game with NES style. I want to use the same resolution but I have encountered a problem. I have this: But it is so little in order to play in these screen. I want to reescale it but I want to maintain the pixel aspect. If I do zoom in google chrome I see that: I want to have a larger screen but seeing pixelated graphics like here: How can I to obtain these results? Thanks!