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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm trying to learn something about how to load database information in my phaser games. Currently, I want to load some questions for a quizz game from a SQL database. I've searched online and I found a method that works but I don't know if it's the best option. Making a XMLHttpRequest I can load a PHP file in which I load the db info and then parse it into a JSON. As I said, it works, but then I don't know how to send the results back to the game, since is an asynchronous proccess. Let me explain myself with the code: Quizz.Game.prototype = { create: function(){ this.getQuestion(); }, getQuestion: function(){ var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.open('POST', 'getQuestion.php', true); request.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8'); request.onload = function(){ if(request.status >= 200 && request.status < 400){ //Correct var result = JSON.parse(request.responseText); this.sendQuestion(result); } else{ //Error } } request.send(); }, sendQuestion: function(){ //The next code } }; In this example I tried to load the question and then print it on screen or something, but I get the error 'this.sendQuestion()' is not a function, seems like the context is no longer 'this'... I guess my question is if you have some procedure you usually use for do this, or if there's a better way of doing it. Thank you for sharing! Gonzalo.
  2. I am starting to work on a game that is going to have a list of characters and stats for those characters (around 100-200 character each with at least 6 stats). When trying to think of how to create these characters in a way that they are easily readable I've hit a hiccup. Should I be trying to store these in a database and using ajax to pull the information out and use it? My other thought was to use an excel sheet to create a json file and read that. Is there a common practice for this type of work in Phaser?
  3. Hi ! I'm making a game with JSON file for data, I use node-webkit for distribute the game, but I would like to update data without re-download the app. What's is the best way for the app to communicate with a database, AJAX call, Socket.io, or ? (it's not about which database management systems and system on server, it's how to communicate between the server and the app) How do you make ? Make you one request for update the game, store response in localStorage, or one request each time you need data ? How millisecondes do you have between request and response ? Informations : I can choose your best way for your solution, big data one time, many small requests, or moderate frequency and size requests. Regards, Arrowbaz
  4. Am looking for qualified online tools programmer for permanent position in Coventry, UK. Key Attributes Highly proficient C# programmer In-depth knowledge of multiple areas from the following ◦ WCF, ◦ SQL Databases – Entity Framework, ◦ ASP .Net MVC ◦ HTML 5 – CSS3 – JavaScript ◦ WPF - Prism ◦ Asynchronous programming, Rx – Reactive Extensions ◦ Cloud based data processing, application hosting and server programming using Windows Azure, Amazon AWS or other cloud services provider. At least 3 years of programming experience in the games industry or a similar leading-edge software industry such social media, internet content providers or search engines. Experience in a variety of programming languages, scripting languages & technologies, suited to developing tools applications in an effective manner Positive and outgoing personality Excellent creative problem solving abilities Experience of breaking down large tasks into a comprehensive set of sub-tasks, and estimating how long the tasks will take Excellent organisational abilities Excellent written and verbal communication skills Excellent bug finding & fixing skills Excellent User-Interface design skills Have a passion for developing high-quality software CVs and more info @ [email protected]
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