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Found 6 results

  1. Recently I got a new tv which also is a "smart tv". Smart tv is one of those features they throw in, but it's not really a big selling point. The apps are a little clunky when compared to the average iPhone or Android app, for example even the YouTube app is a bit bare bones I think. There's is supposedly an Angry Birds app but I couldn't find it, probably not available for my model. Some of the games I can find and install are Easy pool, Galactians and Spot The Difference and these games look like they're html5/js games. This would make sense because the Samsung Smart TV SDK (based on Eclipse) also comes with a Javascript Project template, although I must say I haven't looked into it in detail. So anyway, I was just wondering, is there anyone here working on apps for Samsung Smart tv's?
  2. hi everyone, I look through the forum to see if anyone has worked on a babylonJS example that involved the use of WebVRFreeCamera with Samsung GearVR(with their phone device attached to the gear mini usb), since GearVR's internet browser "Samsung Internet" has webvr supported. But what I found mostly are people suggested using VRDeviceOrientationCamera for GearVR instead, which is using mobile screen as the vr display. So my question is as stated in the title: is it possible to just create a WebVRFreeCamera in the BJS scene for webvr experience to be worked on GearVR? I also found this example which uses Three.js and the webvr api, which I tested on gearVR's samsung internet and it works, but I had never learned Three.js before and I am keen to continue working on a babylon.js scene instead.
  3. I have a game up at The game plays well on a desktop PC in either Chrome or Firefox and the sprites and background scrolling works as expected. But I have two Samsung devices that have two different issues. On each device I'm testing in the Chrome browser On my cheap Samsung J1 Ace Phone. Some of the blood splatter sprites flash black when they should be red. Also the smoke grenade particles also appear black when they should be orange. The TilingSprite grassy background displays properly. On my older Galaxy Tab 4 (about 3 years old) All of the sprites work properly but the TilingSprite background can only be seen for about 1 frame every 2 seconds or so. There's also some very bad glitches where segments of the screen flicker for no apparent reason every few seconds or so. Ive attached my render and particles code (not very tidy at this stage). The rest is minified and can be viewed at: There must be a workaround for these issues. I hope someone with Samsung devices (or other) can try it out and perhaps offer suggestions that might fix it. PS. There's a multiplayer version of this game at but that's not really ready for too many players just yet. Render.js Particles.js
  4. Hello everybody I am curious if you are able to view babylon with this device (samsung gear vr headset): it uses your phone and I dont know if you can access the web browser with the device anybody have any experience with it?
  5. The game isn't rendered properly. See screenshot. I'm missing any header parameter?
  6. Mobile World Congress is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference with mobile operators, device manufacturers, providers and vendors from across the world. It will take place in Barcelona on February 24-27. You can expect news from Mozilla about their mobile HTML5-based Firefox OS, Samsung's Tizen and many more interesting news for HTML5 game developers. Anyone going to be there? If so, you can visit the Mozilla booth (Hall 3 at Fira Gran Via) and play our HTML5 game Captain Rogers on the Firefox OS devices. Feel free to come by and say hi!