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Found 4 results

  1. Android stock browser has a bug that causes the RAF to freeze when it loses focus, even it the tab gains focus again. I created a workaround for this, forcing raf.stop(); and raf.start(); everytime the tab gains focus. This workaround worked fine until I updated some games to version 2.3, then it crashes games with the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Property 'cancelAnimationFrame' of object [object DOMWindow] is not a functionI checked the RequestAnimationFrame update history, and nothing has changed there in version 2.3, but the same game doesn't have this bug with older versions. Any idea on why this may be happening just with 2.3?
  2. The game isn't rendered properly. See screenshot. I'm missing any header parameter?
  3. Hi all, I noticed that input isn't working on stock Android ( namely older devices like the Nexus S ). It seems officially touch events aren't supposed to work - using mouse instead, and Chrome's device emulation confirms that. This can be fixed by checking if the device is touch in the Phaser Mouse start function: if (this.game.device.android && this.game.device.chrome === false && this.game.device.touch)And this fixes it in Chrome, but it's still not working on the device. I've tried a bunch of things, but even the touch and mouse events aren't triggering. We've previously built a game on Phaser 1.1.6 and everything works correctly on the same device. Anyone have any ideas? Even an idea on how to debug this besides console logging would be useful. Thanks, David Goemans Lead game dev @ Boostermedia
  4. am losing my mind somewhat on this issue. Have got the core of a physics bike game running, standard trials type gameplay. It runs great @30FPS or so on nearly all devices, however, on my Samsung S4 in stock browser it chugs along at a around 10FPS (where as it runs perfectly at full speed on my old S2!??) The whole game is rendered in a canvas which is 640x426. Anyone got any thoughts? thanks Chris
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