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Found 6 results

  1. I've been playing with this idea of creating an online course to help beginners learn HTML5 and Javascript. It seems to me there's a lot of frustration and struggle when it comes to actually making a complete game. Not just a demo showing some features like a double jump, making enemies move in a certain way or showcasing different weapons, but a complete game that is worthy of publishing. Since it's beginner friendly, you won't need any background in design or programming or anything. The course will cover topics like coming up with good ideas, designing your own graphics and learning to code. Making a game is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and just like a jigsaw puzzle, the only way to figure out where the pieces go is have the entire big picture of what the finished puzzle looks like. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're a beginner, that's probably what you struggle with most... to have a big picture of what they're going to make and see exactly how each piece fits together. Also, what if you could choose the puzzle and picture you want to work on? What if you could decide how you want your final game to be like so you end up making a unique game, different from the rest in the course? I don't want to create just another make a "Mario platformer", "Asteroids" or "Match-3 Candy Crush" style game. To help you along, there will be videos, written tutorials, tonnes of code snippets to look at, and personal support from me so you can ask up to 3000 questions a month (that's 100 questions a day!). Just kidding about the limit =) You can basically ask any number questions 24/7 and I'll personally reply each one. The course will be limited to 30... maybe a maximum of 50 people so you get personal attention. I'm thinking of launching this sometime in the next quarter (July-Sept)? The goal is to learn how to make your own game and to finally publish it for the world to play. Who's interested? If you have topics you'd like to see, feel free to suggest and if it's a good fit for the course, I'll figure out how to work it in. If you're keen, leave a reply below. More details to come =)
  2. MightyEditor is a 2D game development editor based on Phaser framework. The team is based in Riga, Latvia. Our webpage: Online editor: (Europe server) If you are in North America then editor will redirect to US server MightyEditor is open source. Check out Github. You can set up stand alone version and work from your localhost. Current features: Asset management, Map editor, Physics, Code editor, Texture atlas, Tilelayer support, Animation editor, Game hosting, Open source, WEB based, Grouping, Export data, Phaser based. Features in details. There are 26 tutorials describing work with editor. We are actively adding new text and video tutorials. We recomment to check out how to create Digger mini-game from A to Z. Also there is a 30 minute video. Upcomming features: animation editor. Check out video teaser. Info email:
  3. Very basic help request here. Just finished the Phaser provided game building tutorial: Now trying to implement the baddies, have them walk along the platforms and turn around once they find the edge. Can anybody offer me some guidance, or know of a tutorial? Loving this stuff, but having trouble taking what I learn in a tutorial and using it to create my own processes.
  4. Hi everyone, I just write a short manual in Italian in which I explain how to make a game in HTML5 and Phaser If you want, see it on Amazon !
  5. Hi everyone, I had written this short "ebook" in which I explain how to make a videogame in HTML5 and Phaser. This is my first manual in Italian If you want: Amazon
  6. Hello everyone, 3 months earlier i wanted to start learning HTML5 game development and somehow i found myself turned into unity3D and to be honest i don't regret that at all, i've been involved in the game development field for almost 4 years now and i never finished a single game which is something that i proudly did with unity3D, and i guess the reason of that was 1st my knowledge of the C# language, the tools available inside the unity engine and the super helpful unity community. because of these reasons i wasn't able to only finish my first game, but i actually had 4 offers to work as a freelancer for mobile game development and for the first time in my life, i have made some decent incomes from game development. Now the question is, as someone with Java background, a unity3D developer with C# and NEVER made a HTML5 game, how helpful Phaser would be for me ? and why should i choose it instead of one of the many available html5 engines and framework out there ? PS : currently am reading the Phaser's getting started documentation and later i will give this tutorial a try : Making your first Phaser game so maybe i could answer the previous question myself, but i thought this is a topic that can be useful for anyone later, so, thank you for your help have a nice day