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Found 6 results

  1. I've started a series of tutorials for Phaser developers on how to design and publish a game aimed at Desktop, Console and Mobile and publish it in the Windows 10 Store and on Steam Greenlight. This is based on my experiences developing and releasing http://www.mekphobia.com The series will also cover targeting other platforms (such as Android and iOS) with the same code base. You can find the first of these tutorials at: http://www.mekaphobia.com/developers/introduction.htm
  2. Hi, This is meant as help to anyone that runs into the same problem as I did. I install the 3ds Max babylon exporter as explained in the repository. I downloaded the file and exported all dlls and directories in the respective subdirectory of 3ds max 2017. When I was starting 3ds max up, it would however not load the assemblies. I would get an error from the .NET framework saying that it cannot load any property that was downloaded from a network. The error message would roughly look like the picture attached. Google research suggest to deinstall the .NET framework (which is almost impossibly to do under Windows 10), update your graphic card drivers or select another graphic card driver in the 3ds max preferences. NONE OF THEM WORK! It was driving me nuts. I solved the problem like follows: Open the directory where you copied your dlls into ("YOUR3DSMAXDIRECTORY"/bin/assemblies). Right click on every dll that you copied into that directory. Select "unblock" from the bottom right corner. It will look something like this. Confirm the dialog with OK. Repeat for all dlls that you copied in the directory. Restart 3ds max and Voila. It's going to work. I hope this will help some other people that had the same issue. Cheers!
  3. Hello all, I have been messing around with Three.js but found Babylon.js to be more of my liking. What I am looking for is examples or templates for a standard WebGL/Canvas web page that resembles the metro style look of Windows 10 and Xbox One Dash. I also have questions of using Babylon with other frameworks like jquery, nodejs/expressjs, and others like it. What is the best combination of libraries that work in compatible with Babylon? Thanks all!
  4. Hi guys, I've upgraded to Windows 10 on Friday, and it seems that Babylon.js no longer works on my Firefox (ver 45.0). I had Windows 7 before and it worked. The basic playground scene http://babylonjs-playground.com/ throws the "Your browser does not support WebGL" compilation error, and in the js console these errors appear: Error: WebGL: Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2733 Error: WebGL: Error during native OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2733 Error: WebGL: WebGL creation failed. babylon.js:5:2733 Error: WebGL: Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2756 Error: WebGL: Error during native OpenGL init. babylon.js:5:2756 Error: WebGL: WebGL creation failed. It still works on my Chrome(Version 48.0.2564.116 m) and Edge(25.10586.0.0) though.
  5. Hello & Thanks , Windows 10 x64 I am anxious to learn pixi.js but : http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-js-tutorial-getting-started/ The example above works on Edge browser , but doesn't work on Chrome . Is there a fix for this ? Pls , aim me at a good tutorial . Thanks...Vern
  6. As a thank you to the Phaser dev community for the help and assistance offered in this forum and to celebrate Black Friday, we have 10 free copies of our Windows 10 Store Phaser Based Desktop Game, Mekaphobia on offer to the Phaser Dev community. If you'd like a copy (and have a Windows 10 PC with a decent graphics card) then please email me. I'll mail you a link which will enable you to download the game from the Store for free. This is on a first come first served basis. The game is a twin stick shooter which can be played with keyboard, keyboard and mouse and touch screen, but is best played with an Xbox gamepad. You can find out more about the game at: http://www.mekaphobia.com
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