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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! Lawrence Steele here and I run Satsuma Audio, a provider of high quality music and sound effects for video games. I have no particular sentimental affinity for the satsuma, just thought it was a catchy name I am an experienced composer and sound designer, and have created audio for 45+ titles in a wide variety of styles. I've been into computer games and music pretty much my entire life so to combine the two to make a living is pretty damn awesome. I am extremely passionate about my work and strive to create something outstanding for every project I work on. (I'm also not good at starting sentences that don't begin with "I" ...) Some of my recent projects include: * Tabletop Simulator - Popular physics based board game engine. * WarBits - Highly polished turn based strategy on iOS * Asgard Run - Viking themed 3D endless runner on mobile. * Crazy Seahorses - Zany mobile sidescroller. You can check out more about me and my work on my website http://satsu.ma, alternatively read on... One thing I love about writing music for games is you never know what style you will end up writing in next. Over the years I have composed everything from orchestral to chiptunes, gangsta beats, spooky jazz, happy puzzle themes, fast-paced bluegrass and of course... dubstep! For a wider selection of my work you can check out the audio page of my website. Or also the super awesome video show reel that should be located directly underneath this sentence. (Image links to YouTube video) I was first drawn to game audio by my love of writing music but soon discovered the wonders of sound design and now find it just as enjoyable and creatively rewarding as music composition. I've created SFX for a whole bunch of different games, most notable would be browser based MMORPG SideQuest which saw me create many hundreds of sounds for monsters, spells, skills etc. Another recent SFX project is iOS turn based strategy title WarBits for which I created a nice mix of retro interface sounds and big explosions! (WarBits trailer here) I also have experience and knowledge of the latest in game audio software packages and middleware, including Unity, FMOD and WWise. Now that FMOD, WWise and Fabric are all free to use for indies, if anyone's working on a project which could be enhanced by one of these programs, let me know, I would love to be involved! Here's the SFX showreel video... (Image links to YouTube video) When it comes to pricing I try and be as flexible and affordable as possible. My rates are 'indie-friendly' and I am always open for negotiation and willing to adjust to suit budgets of varying sizes. I always consider revenue share options and other payment methods too if the project seems like it will be especially fun or creatively rewarding to work on. So if you have any sound or music needs for your projects please get in touch, no job too big or small! You can reach me at: [email protected] @SatsumaAudio Or check out more about me and my work on my site http://satsu.ma TL;DR - I make sounds, maybe I make sounds for you?
  2. Hello! My name is Eduardo López, Composer/Arranger/Orchestrator for Film and Video game in any style You can listen to some of my projects here: https://soundcloud.com/cocher I hope we can collaborate to make something great! You can contact me here: [email protected] Cheers!!
  3. Greetings everyone! My name is Jens Kiilstofte and I represent a dedicated team of composers and sound designers each with distinct areas of expertise. We collaborate, share and work together to ensure the absolute highest level of quality. From minimalistic electronica, explosive sound design and breathtaking ambience recordings to huge hollywood pieces and beyond, we can deliver anything your heart might desire! Services we provide Music Composition Sound Design Field Recording Sound Editing Mixing Mastering Music: Sci-fi Cinematic Epic https://soundcloud.com/machinimasound/sets/sci-fi-cinematicepic Classic Cinematic Epic https://soundcloud.com/machinimasound/sets/classic-cinematicepic Afterglow - Dark Ambient/Glitch https://soundcloud.com/machinimasound/sets/afterglow-dark-ambientglitch Synthwave https://soundcloud.com/machinimasound/sets/synthwave Electronic Dance Music https://soundcloud.com/machinimasound/sets/electronic-dance-music Sound Design: Rates: We can work with most budgets, from indie to AAA, and anything in between. Send me an email and we’ll figure out the best option for your project. Contact: [email protected] Previous Clients: Apixal Handyman Studios Membrain Studios Corning Optical Danish Broadcasting Corporation Muha Games Red Tie Productions Emperor Gaming Immersive VR Education Tomodomo VMAX Magazine (DHB AfterMovie) Additional Information: https://machinimasound.com/services/
  4. Hello, I'm Ernest Soler, a Composer, Producer, and Session Guitarist from Barcelona, Spain. Here's a little resume/introduction, for if you ever need someone of my profile for any job, or to collaborate in any project.. I have a home studio, so I can work remotely as a Composer, Producer or Session Guitarist. I offer the highest level of attention, dedication and quality i can provide, so I'm only interested in paid jobs, thank you! To know more, please check my website: ernestsoler.info Experience: -14 years experience as a Musician and Guitarist, 8 as a Composer. -Modern Music Conservatory for 4 years. -Private Guitar, Theory and Harmony teacher for 7 years. -As a Musician and Guitarist I have vast performing experience in diverse styles, including (but not limited to) Electric (Blues, Jazz/Fussion, Funk, Rock etc) as well as Acoustic styles (Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Gipsy Jazz/Manouche), or Folk music from around the world. -As a Composer I have produced for recording Studios and Audiovisual Producers of all kind; working on projects for diverse media like Videogames, Cinema, TV, or Radio: 2015, Composition of Orchestral tracks for "Witch Pop", a Puzzle Videogame by Grimworks (Letonia) 2014, Composition of Orchestral tracks for "Dragon Rider", an Indie Arcade RPG Videogame 2014, Composition of Electro/Funk/Rock style tracks for "Revolution Ace", an Arcade Videogame by LaserGuidedGames (Canada) 2013-14, Composition of Western style tracks for "Death on Frontier", a J-RPG videogame by TheGameGallery (USA) 2013-14, Extensive and continued Session Guitarist work for SCORCCiO Records 2013, Composition of Orchestral Soundtrack and Sound FX, for two Flash Videogames by Danone Actimel 2013, Composition of Orchestral theme track for "Kingdom Knights" (now Avalon Lords), a Videogame by Animus Interactive (USA) 2013, Sound FX Designer for "Baboos" an arcade Videogame by Sundew Games, (New Zealand) 2013, Composition of MIDI theme for a Java Racing videogame by Mobi2Fun, (Bangalore, India) 2013, Composition of Orchestral tracks for a Movie about Magic The Gathering by Rock Island Productions, (UK) 2013, Session Guitarist jobs for Wobbly Music, (Lancashire, UK) 2013, Composition of Ethnical Acoustic track with Arabic/Hindu elements, for a survivalism Documentary by SCOPL 2013, Co-Composition/adaptation and interpretation of folk (Africa, Cuba, Catalunya) for a Movie by Destruction Film Productions 2012, Orchestral loop Composition for a submarine themed Videogame by "Duermes y me Olvidas" 2012, Orchestral Composition for a Short-Movie produced by SCOPL 2012, Composition of tracks for a Promotional Spot by the company Numintec 2011, Composition of acoustic tracks for a Documentary about Liberia produced by the U.N. (United Nations) 2010, Composition of various musical loops for an unreleased Indie RPG Videogame 2010, Flamenco (traditional) composition for the audiovisual producer "Multiproducciones Digitales", (Mexico) 2009, Composition of Acoustic fingerpicking guitar piece for the project "Archivo de la Experiencia" by the Spanish Ministry of Culture 2008, Composition of cues for the TV program "MPEG" for "Comunicalia TV" 2007, Composition of instrumental theme track for "El Vespino Sideral", Radio Contrabanda (Barcelona) Links: -Orchestral composition for Witch Pop: Witch Pop Theme - ernestsoler.info/witchpop -Orchestral compositions for Dragon Rider: Airship Battle - ernestsoler.info/airshipbattle Battle Theme - ernestsoler.info/riderbattle -Orchestral compositions for the second Actimel Videogame: ActimelTheme - ernestsoler.info/actimeltheme GeoBoss - ernestsoler.info/geoboss -The Orchestral Theme song for Animus Interactive: KingdomKnights Theme - ernestsoler.info/kingdomtheme -One of the Orchestral compositions for the Magic The Gathering Docuflick: Babylon - ernestsoler.info/babylon -Electro-Funk-Rock style compositions for the Arcade Videogame: Revolution Ace - ernestsoler.info/ace Desert - ernestsoler.info/desert -Western style compositions for the J-RPG Videogame: FarWest - ernestsoler.info/western Aguadulce Town - ernestsoler.info/aguadulce Iris's Lullaby - ernestsoler.info/iris -Acoustic composition for the survivalism Documentary: Gajadanat - ernestsoler.info/gajadanat I can compose in almost any style, I'm up for the challenge, so dont hesitate in consulting me; if the idea or project resonates with me, it will be a breeze!! For any questions or proposals, please contact me at: [email protected], or by phone (+34)633 593 062 ernestsoler.info // soundcloud.com/ernzo Thank you for your time; I look forward to hearing from you!!
  5. Hi there I help developers realize their game's audio potential. Some of my services includes: Creative: Sound design Composition Post Production Voice Over Audio direction Game Mixing Mastering Audio Branding Technical: Technical sound design & Sound Implementation (Fmod, WWise, Fabric) Audio feature design Audio documentation Porting / Optimizing from console to handhelds (NDS, 3DS) Music file format conversion to and from including transcription to GM midi, midi+DLS or mod (.XM, .IT, .S3M) About Me: 10 years experience doing this commercially. Have helped create the sonic identity for many popular games. Yes, I do work with indie developers too. Check out our latest Indie game: LeagueRunners You can learn more about my experience at www.GroovyAudio.com
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