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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, for my game I want to support game pads in my Phaser 2.4.4 game. So far so good, the pad is working. But, if I change the tab for example and than go back to my game, the pad is not responsive anymore. Also I don't get a Disconnect event. So looks like Phaser 2.4.4 still thinks there is a pad or the pads push data dosent arrives the game anymore. I also tested several game pad and all have the same problem. So, is there already a solution for that problem? bye Tom
  2. I am trying to create an 2d html5 open word (the sprite does not have any fancy flare, just shapes around) with only maximum of 10 player at once. My question is how to create a seamless join for new player join when 5 others have already started roaming in the world? in the other words, how to maintain synchronization for a new player for all updates that is happenning in new world. I know pub sub can do the trick but it is very wasteful to catch up from start of the queue. How can a new player get a refresh of the current state and continue to stream from movement from other exisitng player?
  3. Hey folks, long time no see. I made a little prototype. It's a connection / matching like puzzle game, like Dots. I'm working on it for around a week, here and there an hour or two. It still a long way to go and I've to add some real goals to the game. But it makes already a lot of fun, so I recorded a little gameplay video and want to share it with you. Feedback is very appreciated!
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