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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Please provide export Environment Map feature to Maya to GLTF exporter plugin. For my requirements, this feature is a must. (I designed my client side app so generic that it cannot have set environment map per model basis) Are there any plans to provide this?
  2. Hello. Recently I exported a scene from 3ds Max 2017. Binary babylonjs output is: babylonjs output is: I do not know what's going on with the textures in the binary file ps: I have 3 objects with more than 64k vertices, this can be the problem? But why babylonjs file works fine then? Thank you
  3. Hi ,When I use the Babylon file, which is exported by the 3dsmax exporter, some of the time, my model will have all sorts of weird problems. I list some problems, because of these features in 3 ds Max normal performance, Only in babylonjs will appear problem, Maybe I, informs it incorrectly, Only at some point will there be a problem, what is straightforward. 1.Some time, when I add parent to the mesh as a whole, the loaded model returns to the center of the scene. var groundMaterial = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("groundMaterial", scene); groundMaterial.alpha = 0;
  4. Hi guys. A few months ago I implement a character using 3dsMax exporter, I think using exporter v,4.1 or 4.2. , on 3dsmax 2015 here is my old version Now I have a new PC, and I upgrade 3dsMax to 3dsMax2017, and I download exporter v 4.8, I unblock files, but I get the error from attachement. I missed something ? :)) I tried with 2 more animated characters, and the same result. Thank you.
  5. Hi I am using the 3dsmax exporter. I can export an animated scene.. as a simple example; a box which spins on its axis while at the same time a camera orbits the box. Is it then possible to do any of the following in once in Babylonjs: 1. Play the camera animation without having the box spin on its axis. 2. Have the box animate while the camera remains static. 3. Stop the box animation at a chosen point while the camera continues to follow the animation.
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