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Found 13 results

  1. I'm not sure if I missed something here, but the fogColor gets kind of luminosity addition on PBRMaterials. Playground of course: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HS25HW#1
  2. Gerente

    Fog of War

    Hello, anyone has any example about a fog of war around a specific point? thanks.
  3. Does anyone have experience using the Tower of Babel exporter with the Mac version of Blender? My test scenes fail with the following log error (in both Bforartists and the "mainline" Blender app). Is there perhaps a file-writing peculiarity under OS-X? I'm too weak at Python to dig any deeper before reaching out, I'm afraid... [snip] ========= Writing of files started ========= ========= An error was encountered ========= File "/Users/me/Library/Application Support/Bforartists/2.79/scripts/addons/tower-of-babel/js_exporter.py", line 177, in execute self.to_script_file() File "/Users/me/Library/Application Support/Bforartists/2.79/scripts/addons/tower-of-babel/js_exporter.py", line 217, in to_script_file self.world.initScene_script(file_handler, typescript_file_handler, self.needPhysics, self) File "/Users/me/Library/Application Support/Bforartists/2.79/scripts/addons/tower-of-babel/world.py", line 84, in initScene_script file_handler.write(indent + 'scene.fogMode = ' + self.fogMode + ';\n') ERROR: Can't convert 'int' object to str implicitly ========= end of processing ========= elapsed time: 0 min, .0047 secs test_scene.blend
  4. BabylonJS 3.0 introduces an "issue" where fog is applied with a falloff aligned with the screen plane when using an orthographic camera. This wasn't the case in 2.5. In the playground example below, what was a completely black square in 2.5 displays a red gradient starting from the center in 3.0. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UIZRVD Was this intentional?
  5. Just a naive question about the fog : Is the linear fog faster to compute than the exponential one ? (because it's supposed to be applied on less pixels, only the one in min-max range)
  6. Hi, I'm trying out the fog feature in a scene, and having trouble getting it behave in a way that makes sense visually. The trouble is, linear fog is much stronger in the center of the viewport than at the edges. E.g in this demo - at first you should see a certain number of cubes directly in front of the camera, but if you rotate the camera you'll be able to see a further cube that wasn't visible initially. I assume this happens because fog distance is being calculated as distance from the camera along the camera vector, rather than just distance from the camera. Is this a bug, or a feature, or something that can be worked around? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I wonder if it is possible to "make objects disappear in the distance", just like a fog but playing with the alpha channel. I've tried this: scene.fogMode = BABYLON.Scene.FOGMODE_LINEAR; scene.fogColor = new BABYLON.Color4(0,0,0,0.00001); scene.fogStart = 30; scene.fogEnd = 70; I expected it to work because if I understood correctly the color with fog is computed like distanceCoef*fogColor + (1-distanceCoef)*originalColor where distanceCoef is between 0 and 1. But it seems like these are treated as Color3 and not Color4. I really need transparency because I don't plan to have a uniform background. Any idea? To test this you can go to http://playground.babylonjs.com/?2, paste the code above somewhere and set the background color to anything. Thank you! EDIT: Added screenshot: here I would like the objects to become transparent in the distance (so appear more and more green), not just black. EDIT 2: I found an example of exactly what I would like, this is a screenshot from a RockBand game, see how the neck disappears in the distance?
  8. Hi guys! I make map with the dark forest and I need make center of the map with good light, but the closer to the forest, then map gets darker. I need something like the fog but without binding to the camera. Fog always in position 0, 0, 0 and if player go to coordinates 100, 100, 100 then his go to the dark. While I did just the fog attached to the camera and if the player closer to the forest, then fog far from the player and camera. And the forest does not seem so dark. Anybody haves some ideas how do it?
  9. Hi everyone ! Being a newbie to a lot of things dev-wise, I only have the 'creative' approach, then learn what I can about how to do it, but some things are obviously out of my reach so far ... But I keep learning little bits by little bits, and hopefully someday I'll be able to contribute more deeply ! I have understood that Shaders can be powerful, and ran across that awesome site that some of you know : shadertoy.com. It has lots of amazing examples like those : Fog example : https://www.shadertoy.com/view/Msf3zX Clouds example : https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XslGRr So my question is quite simple, would Babylon.js be able to render something like those examples above ? They look amazing !
  10. hi.. i'm developing 2d game with pixi(js,webgl) and it can play on pc and mobile and i wanna express effect like fog. there is some limit. 1. it have good perforamnce 2. it have good expression.. maybe i can't use shader.. because it's not light.. on mobile. but if there is good shader please tell me.. if mobile can't use, it will be used by only pc. thx a lot
  11. Is there some way to get particles to be colored by fog? here is a playground example of them not being effected: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AZDGV#5
  12. Hello there, I was wondering how to create volumetric fog for my future project. First i was thinking to make the fog with particles somehow, but i guess it can't look that good. Any hope getting similar results as in the image below?
  13. Hi, When I put fog on my scene it is active only from the outer limit of the ground and not from the camera. If I have a terrain of 1000 * 1000 my fog begins very far from the camera if i am on the ground in the middle. It should be visible on the ground also, no? If I does not of ground it works very well. I've try the mode LINEAR, EXP and EXP2, same observation. and my shadows do not work.
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