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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I made a game for Ludum Dare #35! Meet Sky Panic: It's a retro, infinite, cute shump. Your ship has two modes you can switch to: fighter and bomber. The game was created using JavaScript / Phaser. Graphics were made with Aseprite and the pico-8 colour palette. And for audio, I used some online editors: bxfr for sound effects, and Audiotool for the background music loop. I also wrote a post-mortem in my blog that features a log with step-by-step pics of the progress. I hope you like it! Here are the controls: Tab: switch between bomber and fighter Arrow keys: move Spacebar: shoot PS: This was a compo entry, and since I had to create everything from scratch in just 48h, I didn't have time to add more enemy types or a final boss (something that I really wanted to do!).
  2. It's good to see cool Ludum Dare entries made with Phaser - I also did one. It's a very simple shape collecting mobile game. Me and my wife decided to finish a game, no matter how small. It won't win any prizes, and you can probably find a lot more games like this. Still, it's something. Play the game online at You can also rate the game on LudumDare's page I've used our Enclave Phaser Template and was inspired by the Off The Hook demo game from Interphase 1. You can read the post mortem on my blog - how we managed to make a game in a team of three where one was my one month old daughter.
  3. Here is our LD35 entry Square Off! Hi! We’re Michael ( @mwcz ) and Jared ( @caramelcode ), aka Scripta Games. For LD35 we built a web-based multiplayer disc bouncing game called Square Off. To play Visit: Source: When you click play, you’ll be paired with another random player. If no one else is playing, try sharing the game with a friend! Or, in a pinch, open a second browser tab. In the game, a smoky disc bounces around on a board. You can deflect the disc by placing three blocks. If the disc hits your goal (colored line at the bottom of the screen), your opponent gets a point! First to 7 points wins. We built it on entirely open source software: Fedora as our OS of choice, Phaser game framework, p2 for physics, Node.js for multiplayer, lodash utility belt. Sounds were generated with sfxr. Hope you enjoy! NOTE FOR TESTING If you're stuck on the "Searching..." screen, open a new browser window and join to play yourself for testing. Finished product looked very close to Michael's design Work in progress:
  4. A multiplayer space combat game written in 48 hours with phaser, nodejs, and Transform your ship into three different configurations for speed, combat, or mining. Direct link Entry page with source
  5. Shiftah is not only my first LD entry, but also my first ever game! I've been messing about with Phaser for a few months now, loving every minute of it... so thought I'd enter Ludum Dare for the first time. The theme was 'ShapeShift', which just basically screams 'Altered Beast' to me... however with my limited graphical acumen, what I've ended up with is an endless runner style game where you navigate your ship through an onslaught of blocks and shapes, trying not to get stuck. The physics are a bit shonky, it has to be said - (I could do with a bit of help on that), but as it stands the game is playable. All in, this was about 30 hours work and includes my first attempts at MOD tracker music too! You can play the game directly or view my LD submission page.
  6. Howdy all Just shamelessly plugging my Ludum Dare 35 entry. Its not winning any beauty contests, but its fun for a minute or three. Check it out here: