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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys. First time on ludum dare. I actually didn't know it was happening and had only about 20 hours to make the game when I found out. I didn't use any engine. Just js canvas. You can see the ludumdare entry here or just play the game directly here. Didn't have time to take care of details but was a preety cool marathon. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone! Let me show you my LudumDare entry: I hope I'm not the only one using BABYLON.js (I did not found others yet) You can find the assets I created in Blender Here on sketchfab:
  3. Hi folks! LudumDare starts in a day, and I'm in a hurry to prepare... I'm planning to use this Quake-ish, glitchy, dithered, scanlined postprocess shader I wrote today: Is it possible to render a scene only to the RenderTarget, without rendering to a full scale backbuffer? BTW will any of you participate in LudumDare jam or compo?
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first entry on this forum. Im getting a lot of help from threads around here so i thought i will share effects of my adventure with html5. I have created "Ancient Maze of Epla" as part od ludumdare 36 comp it took me 36h. I have used phaser connected with nodejs and grunt browserify. You can check source code here if you find that im doing something horrible wrong i would appreciate feedback. Im working on cleaning up that code so i can use it as base for games prototypes. Ancient Maze of Epla is short puzzle game with sokoban like mechanic with difference that everything moves when you give one of commands (up/down/left/right). You can check it either on Kongregate or Gamejolt. And if also took part in ludumdare and wish to comment here is link to ludumdare 36 entry. Also i have upgraded Kongregate version with their api implementation and added lead boards for number of steps required to finish each level to give it some replay ability. I would appreciate any feedback as this is only my second webgl game in phaser (earlier was only ludumdare warmup) and i want to make more projects with that game engine.
  5. Hi every one, I submitted a game with a friend for the ludum dare 36 with the theme: Ancient Technology. This game was created in 72 hours. We had 1 developer, 1 art designer and 1 for the audio part. We created "Robot Forest" which is an action plateformer where you incarnate a young female ranger who needs to find a new generator to save her village. The story: The energy shield is running out and someone needs to go to the Robot Forest to find a new generator. Techsa, the bot hunter and her petbot LD36 are the chosen one to save the village. You can find the game here: And the ludum dare page of the game here:
  6. Hi, I submitted a game for Ludum Dare #36 (compo, aka 48h solo category). The theme gave me an idea I really liked but it was way too big for a game jam, so I decided to go for a proof on concept of sorts instead of a "complete" game. I'm thinking on continuing the development, so I'm really interested in feedback! You can view the LD entry and play the game at: The game was implemented with JavaScript and Phaser.
  7. Here is our LD35 entry Square Off! Hi! We’re Michael ( @mwcz ) and Jared ( @caramelcode ), aka Scripta Games. For LD35 we built a web-based multiplayer disc bouncing game called Square Off. To play Visit: Source: When you click play, you’ll be paired with another random player. If no one else is playing, try sharing the game with a friend! Or, in a pinch, open a second browser tab. In the game, a smoky disc bounces around on a board. You can deflect the disc by placing three blocks. If the disc hits your goal (colored line at the bottom of the screen), your opponent gets a point! First to 7 points wins. We built it on entirely open source software: Fedora as our OS of choice, Phaser game framework, p2 for physics, Node.js for multiplayer, lodash utility belt. Sounds were generated with sfxr. Hope you enjoy! NOTE FOR TESTING If you're stuck on the "Searching..." screen, open a new browser window and join to play yourself for testing. Finished product looked very close to Michael's design Work in progress:
  8. Howdy all Just shamelessly plugging my Ludum Dare 35 entry. Its not winning any beauty contests, but its fun for a minute or three. Check it out here:
  9. Hi there, I just submitted my game for my first Ludum Dare, please, give me feedback You can play it and rate it here
  10. "Reflux" Play and Rate it here: I spent Day 1 of LD33 not getting much done, umming and ahhing over two ideas. I was almost ready to call "I'm out", but the next morning had a surge of energy and managed to get into the coding flow. All up put in maybe 20 hours, so pretty happy with what I managed to turn out. It isnt exactly high art...
  11. Hey everyone! The official LudumDare 29 Results were recently announced, and I thought it would be a good idea to post your games, and how you did, here! Did really well in a certain category and want to show off? Post Your Link! Didn't do as well as you hoped, and would like feedback from others on what to improve on in order to do better next time? Post Your Link! You don't care how well you did, and all you want is to get your game played by others? Post Your Damn Link! I guess I'll start this thing off: Here Is My Game: Beneath The Memories Results: #10 - Audio (awh shucks, I don't deserve this) #15 - Humor (honestly didn't expect this, I added a few jokes here and there, but I'm surprised people thought they were that funny lol) #49 - Mood (being that this was my first LD, I wasn't disappointed at this, I managed to get really great feedback on how to improve this even more, so thank you!) And finally the Big-Daddy / What-I-Really-Care-About: #55 - Overall (This is way too unbelievable to me. To some, this may not seem great, but to me, with this being my first 'real' game and first LD, I am beyond blown away by this! There's not enough expletives and exclamation marks in the world to describe how I feel!) Overall, this was probably the best moment and most rewarding event that has happened to me regarding to my dumb little game development hobby. Reading people who play my game and how much they like it, and seeing people play it in a Let's-Play video (seriously, those are so awesome) is just amazing. Thank you to the LudumDare community, all you amazing people who played and gave me feedback, and thanks to Rich who provided great help with any bugs I ran into. So that's all for my 'Look at me, I feel special' post, if you made a game this LudumDare, post what you think went right, what went wrong, and what you want to improve on and get feedback! Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I've participated last weekend to Ludum Dare 29 and made a ant simulation game using Phaser. The game I have written a postmortem on game entry is available here: Feedback on Phaser This was the first time for me to use Phaser, and this was quite an awesome choice. The learning curve was quite smooth, the concept are clean and simple. I mainly use the Phaser API documentation, however by doing so I missed some guidelines on what to do, what to not do. But I had 48 hours to make my game, so not so much time to read tutorials. I've recently browsed the library source code and it is quite a good thing to do if anyone wants to use Phaser (that was great to see how the framework works and all the optimisation tricks) During my development there was one thing weird about performances: So my game is a big map of dirt tiles, and I first wanted to use a set of ~ 10 Phaser.BitmapData so I can have different gradient of dirt, and for each tile I would use one of this bitmap data randomly. However, even if a BitmapData is (I think?) suppose to be cached, my performance was awful comparing to just using Image Sprite. Any idea about this performance issues? Thanks, @greweb
  13. I have been reading in that lots of people are going to be using Phaser as a framework to develope games for this GameJam, so I think that It will be a good idea to have a thread to post progress in your games during this upcoming jam. After finishing I invite you to post your game here, and let's see what all of you can do with Phaser! If you want to take part it's April 25th - 28th and details are here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My game is finished! | Ludumdare 29 - Wriggle Worm by @gikdew
  14. PlayCanvas is offering a great deal if you use us to enter Ludum Dare this December. Submit a game for the jam or solo competition, send us the link and you'll get a 1 year pro account for free! Check out our blog post or the Ludum Dare deals page for more details. Happy Jamming!
  15. "Time Flies Straight" a non-usual game of fractal time, Starring Carl Sagan. This was my entry for Ludum Dare 27 - a Wolf3D raycast-style adventure game. Wander the maze of fractal time searching for a precious few seconds to finish your quest. The game was pretty well received in the comp (ended up placing 23rd overall, which I was really happy about) and also got covered on a bunch of outlets -,, and best was Indie Impressions - where the video got, like, 4000 views. Pretty cool! It's more of an "experience" than a game - certainly suffers from limited replayability... but I overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I think its the first game I've made where people spent more time playing it (collectively) than I spent coding it I had a lot of plans for more game elements, but ran out of time (48 hours is not long, it turns out!).