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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I am trying with my friend to develop our first game using Phraser. We decided to have it in an Isometric view, after creating first simple map we tested it on PC and game was running smoothly however when we tried to run it on a mobile device (LG G2) FPS dropped down dramatically to less then 1 frame per second, to run it on mobile we tried: 1) cordova 2) intel xdk 3) cocoon 4) cordova+crosswalk Intel xdk was the best but still far from acceptable level. The questio
  2. Hi everyone Currently i'm building a game about drilling oil from the ground. The stage that im in right now is creating the ground and the driller. Here is an example image The way that I create this effect is by using group. When ever the white dot collide with the brown mud, the driller will kill the mud they collide. Size of the mud is about 5 x 5 px so in order to fill up the whole screen i use a 2 for loop to create hundreds of mud sprite under one single group. var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, 'game', { preload: preload, create: create, update:
  3. Hello! When I create empty project and load assets, fps = 60, ok. After adding about 15 images to stage (game.add.image(0, 0, atlasKey, frameName)), fps jumps between 35 and 55. (All Images have: 208x208px, about 50KB, and keep in 1 xml atlas) Please, help to solve this problem. Thanks.
  4. Hi, i got really low fps in my scene like 9fps on iOS (iPhone 6 Plus) so i started to test some things, and now i just created a simple scene with 2 meshes (boxes) 1 is invisible as template and second is on screen, there is nothing more and with just 2 meshes (1 invisible) i got 30-34 fps, using three.js i got constantly 60fps :/ Any ideas and could someone test it on android or something? here is a link: http://bcagroup.pl/babylon2
  5. Hello! I´ve just a made a simple snake style game. Where I create sprites, sounds, starts arcade physics and inputs in the create of my game state. When the snake dies I do a restart on the state and reinit some variabels. This works fine on desktop (60 fps) but on mobile I got around 30 fps at first but after a restart call it drops to like 10 fps and after one more it drops again. What can be wrong? I´ve tried to do a clean up of the audio, sprites and inputs (buttons with touch handler) in a shutdown of the game state and move the arcade physics start to a preload state (so it just star
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