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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! As my profile states I am new here and rather new with Babylon.js as well. I found its ease of use and performance (over Three.js) good reasons to work on it. Currently, I have been working on a voxel game (i.e. minecraft-ish) and I have been using Three.js, as there are so many libraries already out there for voxels. On the other hand, pretty much nothing for Babylon. For this reason, I would like to fill the void and, perhaps, find someone who is interested in helping out on the quest. I started with creating a small library for creating snow (called `voxel-snow`) and called it `babylon-voxel-snow` ( The idea is to make the transition from Three.js to Babylon.js as easy and as painless as possible for people (like me) who have been using it for their voxel projects. Adding the prefix `babylon-`, would make it extremely easy to find the counter part for Babylon. Here are some other voxel libraries which are currently only in Three.js: ☑ Voxel Snow ( --> Babylon Voxel Snow ( ☐ Minecraft skin ( ☑ Voxel walk ( --> Babylon Voxel Player ( ☐ Voxel creature ( ☑ Voxel critter ( -> Babylon Voxel Critter ( ☐ Voxel builder ( -> Unneeded as it can be imported with the Babylon Voxel Critter ☐ Voxel use ( ☐ Voxel mine ( ☐ Voxel carry ( ☐ Voxel chest ( ☐ Voxel inventory creative ( ☐ Voxel items ( ☑ Voxel clouds ( --> Babylon Voxel Clouds ( ☑ Voxel skybox --> Babylon Voxel Skybox ( As I go, I will try to slowly implement them for Babylon, so hit me up if anyone would like to help out
  2. Hi everyone, Here's my last BabylonJS project. It's a port of a previous one I had made with Unity. The concept is about Spherical Voxels. A sphere is divided in degenerated-squares, allowing to create a minecraft-like voxel terrain on it. You may try it here : And source code is available here : Have a nice day !
  3. CEWBS - Fast Voxels in Motion Github/Download: [Middle-click: grab/release mouse (Click in the center), F: fly/walk, Left-click: break voxel, Right-click: place voxel]CEWBS is a MIT-Licensed library for BabylonJS which provides a VoxelMesh object for creating optimized (greedy) voxel meshes. It currently provides methods to create, update, poll, color, and pick voxels. (See The goal is to separate voxel meshes from the world 'grid' by allowing them to be rotated, scaled, moved, affected by collisions, physics, and generally treated as normal meshes. while still letting them be manipulated and accessed easily. (In the demo, the voxel mesh you are standing on is rotating, along with it's children.) The speed of the mesher is such that you can create a fast animation (Changing the blocks every frame) in a 16x16x16 mesh with almost no impact on FPS. (Demonstrated in the demo) Textures, Ambient Occlusion, and per-voxel lighting are currently not supported due to the difficulty of implementing them alongside the meshers. Feel free to help out with those. Projects Using CEWBS: None, yet. Enjoy! Sorry for the rushed post, I'll flesh it out more later.
  4. Hi everyone. Yep anothe one makin his own minecraft. Want to ask u is there method make textures looks like minecraft. Most problem is in leaves and their opacity... Somthin like gl.texParameteri(gl.TEXTURE_2D, gl.TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, gl.NEAREST);gl.texParameteri(gl.TEXTURE_2D, gl.TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, gl.LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR);Looks like i need mess with RenderTargetTexture(size, options) options.samplingMode = BABYLON.Texture.TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODEoptions.generateMipMaps = true