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Found 4 results

  1. Psi2d is a minimal extendible multiplayer 2D platformer shooting browser game. Following this old guide from valve, multiplayer games must cope with delays and the client must evolve the world while waiting for server's updates: for this reason the game is made with node.js. HTML client and node.js server are capable of sharing the same codebase ❤. I had the idea of a 2D multiplayer shooting gain back in 2008, inspired by Commander Keen. I did some trials in Java but didn't manage to make anything interesting. Then I re-started the project as a HTML/JS browser game and decided to le
  2. Hi!, I’m a independent game programmer, and I have started a multiplayer RPG game, here a link to it: https://multionline.herokuapp.com/ And a picture to see the style of the game (not pixel art): I have make all the code for the game, and the graphics and sounds are mainly from free assets and some help from an illustrator. What I’m looking for is help with the graphics and maps of the game, so if you already have some graphics of the style or want to collaborate to make the game please contact me!. Also you can see the main story of the game in the tutorial, if
  3. i'm using euroca.io , i want to make a native app using cooconjs, my application show a black screen, can some one help me ?
  4. Hi everyone, i'm here because i have a little problem with the canvas. i'm doing a multiplayer game, MMORPG or what ever, i need your help because i have this lines: ctx.save();ctx.scale(-1,1);ctx.drawImage(img,x - 5 ,y - 5,Sx,Sy);ctx.restore(); That lines are used to get an horizontal flip in the context, and draw de sprite, but my problem is that isn't working and i don't know why. I test with ctx.scale(2,2); and it's works but when i want to flip horizontal isn't works(when i put scale(-1,X)). So if someone knows about this, please answer me. EDIT: My problem is the sprite, when i
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