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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Devs, I would like to know, what do I need to learn to play with PixiJS? I want to create advanced games in 2d. I know Pixi is not a game engine and there are other frameworks like Phaser, Cocos2D, MelonJS and so on... Pixi will be useful to me to develop other projects besides games. Perhaps the most experienced here can give me tips and also other people who are having difficulties. Thanks.
  2. i have issue in 3d analog clock i have export 3d watch from blender everything done just need to work on clock function my also fucntion is also done but its not working like clock please check the video and help me out and i have this code for clock function all Object piviot point is center but clock function not working perfectly please Check and help me out please scene.registerBeforeRender(function () { var date = new Date(); var hour = date.getHours() % 12; var minute = date.getMinutes() ; var second = date.getSeconds() ; hand_sec.rotation.y = (second/60.)*minute.*Math.PI/180.; hand_min.rotation.y = (minute/60.)*360.*Math.PI/180.; hand_hour.rotation.y = (hour/12.)*360.*Math.PI/180.; }); // this is code i have add but not working 0125.webm
  3. hi for all. I need an artist to develop mini-games, I'm a very good programmer, but as an illustrator I do not do well. These are some of my games https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=4849209607720487690&hl=es http://gilberto389.newgrounds.com/ 50% -> ilustrator 50% ->programmer
  4. please i need know how make a circle collision (inelastic), exactly pool balls. note: without frameworks.
  5. hello guys i'm newbie in phaser framework so i have questiion to finish a game my game is the same with ninja fruit but i have a problem with the animation when the players cut the object in the game for example fruit i do it when the player touch the object it kill but me i like to add some animation like those in ninja fruit when you touch the fruit he show knife but the fruit and then divided them into parts of the place of the cut (lump it) me i create the game the some of this http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=particles&f=collision.js&t=collision and i add when the player touch any fruit the fruit will kill and be invisible but i like to add animation like ninja fruit i Explained it in the top so help me , and thanks
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