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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, After several months and tens of hours of work I released the v2 of my first game PAWs! Some of the new key features I’ve added: - Ten new cool characters that can be unlocked for FREE. Each character that you unlock comes with one or more extra lives. - I've replaced the numbers and signs with shapes for a better visibility and also because some people don't like numbers. - I’ve changed the rewards system to just hearts (that fill the health bar) and stars (which give x2 bonus for a limited time). I think it's less confusing this way. - I’ve replaced most of the sounds with coo
  2. Hi guys, I've just released my first mobile game for Android and iOS, built with Phaser and wrapped by CocoonJS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVxMIMB0mC4 PAWs! - Live to purr PAWs! is an infinite runner that will challenge your gaming skills to the max while improving your speed, focus and flexibility. It really requires a lot of attention because, while avoiding the obstacles, you need to tap the paw toes matching the current game type, shown at the top of the screen, in order to collect points. The way you score points changes every 20 seconds, so you need to const
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