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Found 3 results

  1. Hi =) I don't know where to find this information, so I'm asking it to you now. I would like to make a very accurate map/background where there are some areas which plays specific music/sound when we click on it. I guess it would use the same mechanisms as pianos, and I don't know how to do it: a svg map? a tiled map with objects? other options? For example, if I want to use the conductor's wand to play a specific instrument when I click on it, how do I say to phaser: "Hey, at this specific area there is something to do =>;". ![]() GFDL+CC-BY 2.5 Pedro Sanchez on wikipedia
  2. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to this forum and to PIXI.js so please excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I am creating a game similar to guitar hero, but for piano (basically a synthesia clone). Here is a link to my JSFiddle I have the basics setup how I want, but I am running into some performance issues. I need the game to run at a solid framerate with up to ~10,000 notes in a level (not all being displayed at the same time of course). Currently, the note graphics are created and added to the stage within a group and animated downward. When they are added, their visible property is set to false and is only set to true when the are within the view. Here is my animation loop: function animate() { gameTime = / 1000 - startTime; // CULLING loop // loop to go through all notes and see if they should currently be visible for (i = 0; i < numNotes; i++) { // if the note should be visible, make it visible if (gameTime + offset > notes[i].startTime && gameTime < notes[i].stopTime + offset) { if (notes[i].graphic.visible == false) { notes[i].graphic.visible = true; } } // if the note should not be visible, set visible to false else if (notes[i].graphic.visible == true) { notes[i].graphic.visible = false; } } // set y pos based on gameTime group.y = (ySlope * -1 * gameTime); // or set it manually // group.y += 8; renderer.render(stage); requestAnimationFrame(animate); } The frame rate is currently not where I want it to be, so I am hoping that someone can show me where I can make some optimizations. Feel free to play around with the JSFiddle. Thanks, Micah
  3. Hey there! My name is Juan I. Goncebat, and I'm an experienced videogame soundtrack composer. I'm skilled in multiple genres, including (but not limited to) orchestral music, piano music, acoustic music, 8-bit music, electronic music, ethnic music, among many other genres. I offer full-time dedication, professionalism and good communication, high-quality results, and flexible prices depending on your budget. You can listen to my portfolio here: Everything's organized by genre and mood/idea, so it's easy to navigate through. Anyway! If you want to talk, don't hesitate about contacting me at [ ], or through my website [ ]. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!