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Found 4 results

  1. Just found this app, has anyone else seen this one? It's a single app that gives access to loads of html5 games. Bored Button app by Gabble Studios is basically a webgame portal, except in the form of an app. There's a red button in the bottom right corner, the player can press this button and the app start a random game. Play the game for a while (or a couple of seconds?) and press the red button to move onto the next random game. Bored Button - Android app / iPhone app I've tried it and clicked through some of the games and found the following games in there: Aqua Thief Glitch Buster Sticky Goo Rope Ninja Pebble Boy 4 Colors Halloween Shooter Panda Love + many unnamed unblock, match3 and sokoban clones Each game has a "Bored Button Games" loading screen, so I assume Gabble Studio made deals with each of the original game developers. But still, to be honest as a developer it's a little discouraging seeing dozens of html5 games bunched together like that. I mean, does the player even care for these games? Do the developers (other than Gabble Studios) make any money off of this? Doesn't this devaluated the market? Or is it rather a reflection of the current state of the market? Any thoughts on this?
  2. Portals & Galaxies - Save your beloved planet by forbidding the aliens from stealing the polonium, enjoy a game where luck is the only hope in Portals&Galaxies ! Storyline - When humans found out that there is a stolen polonium on the moon stolen by the aliens, the aliens been investing this polonium in order to create a massive power to control the planet earth but with the power of our human soldier we can save our beloved planet by forbidding them from using that element against us . How To Play - The polonium is at the end of the electrified stages that you move on, each electrified stage has its own power that moves you, you can activate the stage by pressing on the stage button at the bottom of the page, Step in portals in order to teleport to higher level and beware of galaxies that teleport you to lower level . Little Game Twist - Land exactly on the polonium ! if the power of the electrified stage is too high your vehicle bounces back due to the nature of polonium power, the polonium absorbs the power of the stage and push you back with the exceeded power. for example, if you’re on stage 99 and the power was 4 your vehicle moves on the polonium then bounce back to 99, 98, 97 (one, two and three moves) if there’s a portal or galaxy at stage 97 your level raise or fall depending on it. Game Link - http://indiemehmet.cf/html5games/PortalsAndGalaxies/ More Informations - http://indiemehmet.cf/ Screenshots [Attachment]
  3. Hi all! I am looking to submit games to as many credible HTML5 portals as I can, the list so far includes: · Clay.io · www.kanogames.com · http://html5games.com/ · http://spele.nl/ · www.boostermedia.com · www.spilgames.com · http://www.agame.com/ · http://www.a10.com/ · http://buongiorno.com · http://onemorelevel.com/ For those familiar with the sites mentioned, you may notice that the majority of them are HQ'd in the Netherlands. The issue is, I haven't found any UK, US or Asian based portals. Is the list mentioned going to be an issue for global reach? I'd be grateful if anyone could suggest some portals based in the territories mentioned. Many thanks, Nate
  4. I wanted to have a list of relevant game portals / distribution sites one game submit HTML5 games to. I am going to update this list as I come to new sites or people mention them. HTML5 gaming portals HTML5games.comhttp://m.zibbo.comhttp://m.spielaffe.dehttp://m.spele.nlhttp://Games.comm.roundgames.comm.clickjogos.uol.com.brm.jeux.comHTML5 Distribution Websites & Services famobi.comboostermedia.comsoftgames.de
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