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Found 7 results

  1. we have working with gamedistribution from 2 years every month they steal money daily basis we have many game play daily at the evening i see my publisher account has more then $5 but next day eveything goes 0.04$. even game play has not descrese. we can't understand why they do this we have but traffice from google ad and run ad so we can earn and we have also some traffice from SEO and Social media we also contact to them but they can't reply anyone has same problem please tell me what to do
  2. Hi everyone, I represent Plinga GmbH. Plinga is the Europe's leading publisher of social and casual games. We have a nice network of partners/portals for the distribution and we are looking for the nice HTML5 games for cross-platform and mobile web experience. The idea is to keep the plyers on the platfrom and give them the opportunity to play in the browser from PC and mobile devices. The main mobile devices to be covered are: Ipad (2,3 & Mini) Iphone Ipod Samsung S3, S4 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Please contact me for further details via email: [email protected] or skype: fourrooms3 I'll be happy to hear from you. Sasha
  3. Nuggeta is launching an HTML5 portal (nugplay.com) and is looking for HTML5 games. Developers will receive revenue share generated by advertising. We can guarantee you new income from the day one your game is published. The portal will also make you known and will bring new exposure to your game or IP. With nugplay.com, Nuggeta wants to become the reference for HTML5 games on web and mobile. Thanks to Nuggeta API, the portal and the games will be linked together bringing new features and social aspects such as achievements and points to earn real gifts, multiplayer synchrone or asynchrone, chat,... If interested, contact us through nuggeta.com
  4. Hello to all the developers past and future that have placed their games with Toon Goggles, or would like to in the future. I would like to thank all of you that have trusted us and placed your game onto our service. I would like to give you, and anyone who has not placed a game with us a greater understanding to our revenue share model and our service in general. Toon Goggles launched its advertising revenue midway through 2013. We have begun to see large improvements and rises in usage to our service, which is increasing the amount of advertising impressions we see in our application, allowing us to sell more ads and create more revenue. This is a continuing growing process, but due to our partners, such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Dell, Roku and many more (for full list please go to www.toongogglesinc.com/partners), we get a lot of constant usage. We are now close to 3 million plays of our videos per month, of which, the games section has about 300,000-400,000 plays. It is not as popular as our videos, but the game section has been doing better consistently and gaining popularity. I understand that people have been saying the share in revenue from Toon Goggles is low, but please not sit is growing, and it has to start somewhere. We are happy to look at all games that would be appropriate for children, and potentially add them to our platform. Besides the potential for revenue, we give you reports of how many play your game receives, which gives you a lot of exposure across many devices that you normally would not have had. I hope to continue adding more games in the future form the great developers we have found on this forum, so please continue to reach out and contact us at [email protected], or by submitting a question on the forum at www.toongoggles.com/contact Feel free to reach out with any questions to Jordan Warkol, by emailing him directly at [email protected] We look at this as an ongoing learning experience and would like all of you to be a part of the growth and enjoy in it as well. Best, Toon Goggles Team
  5. Toon Goggles is the leading video streaming application designed for children. We are built across most platforms, and partnered with many large consumer electronic companies such as SHARP, Sony, Panasonic, COBY, and many more. We are looking to add as many HTMl5 games that are appropriate for children as we can for our launch of a new games section in the coming months. We can enter into a revenue share deal for all games that is a 50/50 split form subscription revenue, and form advertising revenue which will being in the next few months as well. Please let me know someone i could speak with, through e-mail or preferable over the phone, to discuss this further. I hope we can speak soon and discuss a way of doing business together.
  6. For more information please check out our informational page: http://www.toongogglesinc.com/games thank you, Toon Goggles
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