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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Adrián and I represent Legends of Learning. Through an innovative marketplace of educational games, we teach math and science to nearly 10 million students in over 30,000 schools (and growing fast). We are looking to work with passionate game developers interested in revenue share to build FUN games that also happen to teach. Games on our platform usually consist of 10-15 minutes of gameplay to teach a specific academic topic, and developers have complete creative freedom (really!) in how that topic is taught. The longer your game stays on the platform, the more you will earn. Some devs have multiple games on the platform, so their total earnings can be much higher. Just last year, we distributed $1 million dollars to game developers. You also retain game IP and can reuse existing assets from your previously made games, provided that it makes sense in the context of an educational game for kids. Forget about dealing with marketing and focus completely on game development! Whether you are an independent developer or part of a 100-person studio, we want to work with you. Unlike other platforms where only a few lucky studios strike gold in a "winner take all" marketplace, Legend's innovative model provides significant and growing payouts to the MEDIAN developer, with great payouts for top developers. Does building games that matter sound interesting to you? Visit Legends of Learning Game Dev – Be Part of the Revolution and sign up!
  2. I have completed writing my free JavaScript course (begun in 2011). It is in two main parts. The first is aimed at complete beginners to introduce the whole idea of programming. It shows how to get some simple examples working and introduces some HTML5 as needed to make a platform for running the examples. It covers some general programming concepts such as writing requirements and testing against them. Part 2 is a more systematic exposition of the language, up to some of the more recent capabilities such as local storage and image processing. It is available at https://www.grelf.net/jscourse/index.html That link is to a contents page so that those who already know some of it can jump in to any particular topic of interest.
  3. One example I used in my JavaScript/HTML5 programming course ( https://www.grelf.net/jscourse/ ) was a rather crude drawing program, grDraw. An exercise at the end of the course suggests some improvements to make. My own improved version can be found at https://www.grelf.net/grDraw2/grDraw.html I mention it because it includes some things that may be useful to other developers such as - a colour palette object which may help beginners to understand CSS colours - browsing to display a user's images and get spot colours from them - saving images in local storage and retrieving them (not as difficult as I first imagined) An example display can be seen below - echoes of Kandinsky?
  4. Hey all, I'm trying to have a movable character go from no camera follow to camera follow when the game starts, but what happens is that when the camera follow gets called the movement is instant and doesn't look very good. Is there any way to have a smooth rather than instant camera follow transition? Thanks!
  5. Hello game developers, this is my first post on this forum, so let me introduce myself first. My name is Michael, I am 21 years old and located in Germany. I love programming and starting to get involved in game programming. I already build a little prototype for the game where you can move the main character in front of a background image: https://sprig.000webhostapp.com/index.html For this game development project, I gonna use JavaScript and the Phaser 3 framework for the first time. The type will be a 2D side-scroller. The story, animation, art and sound assets are not a problem, so I am only looking for someone who knows or is willing to learn JavaScript and the usage of Phaser 3. If you are interested PM me on this forum. Have fun, Michael
  6. Joeb Rogers | AAA Gameplay/Tools Programmer I've experience in Unity, Unreal and GameMaker, as well as frameworks such as Monogame and SDL2. I'm very comfortable programming in both C++ and C#, and am also pretty comfortable in JavaScript and Lua. I'm experienced with both 2D and 3D games, so can comfortably fill a position on any team. My rates are negotiable, as are the number of hours a week I can put in, whether you're just looking for some short term contract work, or a longer term commitment. Here's a link to my not-so-up to date portfolio, that at the least showcases some of what I can do and my role in the industry. https://joebrogers.github.io/ My role in the industry has had me working most recently on GTA V Online at Rockstar North, however I cannot go into more details on that. My email is listed at the bottom of the site, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a project in mind. Thanks! NOTE: My current earliest availabilities for more contract work is the 18th of December, so if you're looking to get something scheduled in and finished before christmas, or in preparation for beginning a project in the new year, please get in touch!
  7. This is rodrigo Borgia. I am looking for a game developer that supports me on an idea. I have actually a platform used in the call center company to increase agent's productivity. In this platform, called Motivarnos ( motivarnos.com ) , you get points when answering questions from work and when you accomplish a goal (like amount of sales). And with the points, you can redeem prizes (actually like perks, marketing prizes such as pens, balls, mugs, cups, etc.) i would like to get out of the physical prizes and use games add ons and power ups instead in example, having something like candy crush, and if you have collected enough points, you can buy an add on for that game. (The one inside our game, not the original one outside motivarnos.com ). So, in that sense, im looking for a game developer to help me with the coding and art piece. Once done, my actual platform coder gets this coding to include in motivarnos. do you feel this is something you can help me with?
  8. My Game Builder allows you to make games with JavaScript, Phaser, or no code at all. You can pull up your workstation from anywhere, at anytime, and work together on projects. There is real time "google docs" style collaboration. Any game you see can be viewed with full source to see exactly how every part was put together, and forked to make your own "mod" of it or to just mess around. Tutorials are included for art, programming, or whatever else you want to brush up on. http://build.games
  9. I know I shouldn't be posting this year, but the truth of learning and mastering a programming language is to dis arrange the code and rearrange, it helped me a lot even though I didn't know the basics of the coding initially, happy summer
  10. Nexios

    Remove child

    So i am trying to orbit a small sphere around a bigger sphere like so: var orbit = new Sprite(loader.resources.RedB.texture); stage.addChild(orbit); orbit.anchor.set(0.1, 0.1); orbit.position.x= Gball.x*1.3; orbit.position.y = Gball.y/3; orbit.scale.set(0.15, 0.15); Gball.addChild(orbit); animate(); function animate() { requestAnimationFrame(animate); // just for fun, let's rotate mr Honeypot a little Gball.rotation -= 0.05; // render the container renderer.render(stage); } now the only problem is that when i click on the button to remove the child, but want him to keep the position he had in the animation: var ballX = orbit.x; var ballY = orbit.y; document.getElementById("bot").addEventListener("click", function () { var orbit = new Sprite(loader.resources.RedB.texture); stage.addChild(orbit); orbit.anchor.set(0.1, 0.1); orbit.position.x= ballX; orbit.position.y = ballY; orbit.scale.set(0.15, 0.15); Gball.removeChild(orbit); return false; }); does anyone know how i might be able to do that?
  11. Hey guys This is another one of my html5 games. It is the first html5 game that i have built using the Phaser framework. I have google analyse code in it but it isnt working. anyone that can help please do. Here is the link. I would appreciate the pointers and positive criticism. Cheers Pheaset
  12. Hi guys I am new here and so far i was using GUI game engines to create games.From all back-end testings so far that i done on various programming languages and scripting languages i realised that html5 is best solution for my game development.Now i decided to ditch game engines and learn actual coding in some of the frameworks so my code could be much more cleaner,run faster,have better optimization and quality of the games would overall be better.But this is not just for games,but also for personal reasons because i like to be properly educated instead of using most convenient tools. Now i am interested in learning some js framework that has good community support and tutorials,that is easy and fast on learning and performance and if possible to implement in Ubuntu SDK. Also i am mainly using GNU/linux and one of the reasons why i would like to use js is to be mobile and OS independent.but from all OS so far Ubuntu SDK seems like a decent solution for cordova runtime,i tried to use it with phaser but i did not succeed to render cordova runtime instead it was in plain web view. Now overall it does not have to be Ubuntu SDK,but i am interested in HTML5 framework that i can port(wrap) to desktop mainly(mobile would be good to). Any ideas what's the best and why,please write down below,it would help me a lot. Regards
  13. Hi, I wanted to share to other fellow programmers or other people who are just starting out some information I think it is very important to know. When I started I did not know about this, so it might come to good use to people in the future. Enjoy!
  14. What should be the preferred language when writing Gameplay Code using Babylon.js? I have experience with engines like Unity and Unreal Engine where I've been used to programming in either C# (Unity) or C++ (Unreal); I haven't experienced any issues while writing Javascript code using Babylon.js but my question is would it be better to use Typescript instead of Javascript while developing games in Babylon.js? This is really important for me because if Typescript is more advantageous then I might just switch to it but since I don't really have much knowledge of Typescript I would have too learn it as well
  15. Been coding some games in javascript for about 3 months. So far: an angry birds ugly clone (really crappy, using box2dWeb), a shooter like sonic wings (way smaller, though), and some simple games like pong, breakout and a simple endless runner with no sprites, just using rect and arc to draw. I've been experimenting with ways to plan the code, and realized that I output more and finish things quicker if I don't actually plan anything at all: just sit there and code, and deal with problems as they occur. Do you guys do that way too? I guess maybe because all games I did were small ones this works. Maybe for bigger ones it will be a mess, even though the code I write is usually clean. How do you guys go on about planning all the functions, objects and interactions amongst your games?
  16. Hi all. I am wondering why there is such extensive usage of the "this" keyword in the "Full Screen Mobile" project template (included with Phaser, I am using v2.4.4). Code sample from 'Full Screen Mobile' project template: BasicGame.Boot.prototype = { init: function () { this.input.maxPointers = 1; this.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true; this.stage.backgroundColor = '#000000'; if (this.game.device.desktop) { this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.scale.setMinMax(160, 240, 640, 960); this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; } else { this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.scale.setMinMax(160, 240, 640, 960); this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; this.scale.forceOrientation(true, false); this.scale.setResizeCallback(this.gameResized, this); this.scale.enterIncorrectOrientation.add(this.enterIncorrectOrientation, this); this.scale.leaveIncorrectOrientation.add(this.leaveIncorrectOrientation, this); } }Code sample from phaser.io 'examples': var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, render: render });function preload() { game.load.atlasJSONHash('bot', 'assets/sprites/running_bot.png', 'assets/sprites/running_bot.json');}var s;function create() { s = game.add.sprite(game.world.centerX, game.world.centerY, 'bot'); s.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); s.scale.setTo(2, 2); s.animations.add('run'); s.animations.play('run', 10, true);}What difference does this make? Why do I have to use it? Is it considered 'best practice'? Does it affect anything if I don't include it?
  17. Hi. I'm new in the forum. I haven't seen any introduction section so I'll make a little introduction of myself here. I'm Albert and Im 17 years old, and I'm from Spain (so excuse me if my English isn't good at all). I learned javascript and html5 a year ago, and I started creating my first game from scratch about six months ago (I do it in free time), a platform one with even a level editor created by me. As it was my first experience, I decided to do it without using any framework so I could understand how everything works. Now that I'm about to finish I think this has been a very good experience, but I think it would have been a lot easier (and less time consuming, of course) with a framework. So my question goes here: Does programming without a framework gives any benefit or advantage? I don't think so, but I'm very new to this so maybe someone can surprise me.
  18. Hi all! I'm here looking for people to join me in the Indies vs. Gaming jam this weekend (starting the morning of 7/17/2015 and ending the night of 7/19/2015). See here (http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiesvsgamers) for more information on the game jam. If you don't know what a game jam is, it is an event where people get together (online in this case) to develop a game in a short period of time, seventy-two hours in this case, Friday through Sunday. Looking at events like Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam can give you a better idea of what jams can be like (though this one is significantly smaller than both of those). I'm a game developer-in-training halfway through a Computer Science/Game Design degree. I regularly use a mix of languages and engines but my plan is to use Phaser for this jam. If you didn't already know, Phaser is a Javascript engine intended for 2D games (and whose main forum is on this very website). It's pretty easy to pick up if you have any programming experience whatsoever and feel like learning something new before the jam. (I learned Phaser for a jam in a couple of days, knowing pretty much nothing about JS.) It is also wonderfully simple to use for team projects. I'm not necessarily looking for any particular role. Artists who like working in 2D (or 3D, if you know how to render a 3D model to sprites) would be especially valuable, as would people who enjoy dealing with music, sound effects, or other audio-related concerns. I'd gladly team up with another programmer or three who knows Phaser or who thinks they can get a grasp on it quickly. The same goes for writers who love (or want to love) game jams. Anybody who can contribute a resource capable of being put into a game is welcome. I can design, write, and program, and dabble in pretty much everything else related to game development, so I can fill in gaps as needed. The only thing I'd really like to have is a bunch of people. I don't get much of an opportunity to work with teams bigger than two or perhaps three, so if you are looking for a group and can play nice with others, you're welcome to jam with me. That runs counter to a lot of game jam advice: anything more than a small team will probably hurt more than help in a time-constrained environment. Usually, I try to follow that advice. But game jams are also for experimenting and fun, so let's temporarily ignore the conventional wisdom and see if we can make an awesome game with a big group. I have a few ideas and tools to make working with a large remote group easier if we get a crowd. I have no specific game ideas yet, other than something with quick playthroughs and a lot of variation; I'll likely be taking the start of the jam just to relax and chat with everyone about the theme and game ideas. If what I said appeals to you, and you don't mind my tangent-filled and parentheses-heavy manner of speaking, send me a message through this site, Game Jolt, or on Twitter @cdrchdev. I'm looking forward to jamming with you! EDIT: Including myself, we now have two programmers and one artist. If anyone else (particularly any musicians, but any skillset would be welcome) is looking for a team at the last minute, or just would like to do a jam this weekend, please do contact me!
  19. Hi everyone! My name is George and I work under the name GGames. I am both a programmer and designer and I collaborate with several other local developers if the project calls for it. Some of our work can be seen on the following pages: http://www.facebook.com/ggamesstudio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OQcadyPr8w http://postimg.org/gallery/2y7vxvj00/0ad6315d/ I also have some top-quality purchased assets which can be used in new projects. I design vector artwork and my style can be seen in the sample links(For most of the games). If you require a different style, I know several other designers who may be able to do it. Platforms: HTML5 Flash Android + iOS (Unity, Game Maker Studio) I have 26 HTML5 games available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing. If a sponsor is interested in trying them out, I have a private link with playable versions of each game. The Flash games from the video can be converted to HTML5 by request and vice-versa - the HTML5 games can be converted to Flash.
  20. I can port your games or develop original ones. Am flexible to use different tools and frameworks. Based in San Francisco. Complete resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/254701/2015/resume.txt
  21. I will be doing a couple more hours of streaming as I program my memory game with Phaser 2. Join me here: http://www.twitch.tv/spinnerbox It is still experimental, so I will not use Mic but I will talk with viewers in the chat window.
  22. I have designed a word game which I have played a lot on a physical Scrabble board, and I would now like to have programmed with a view to placing it with a company such as Gamehouse. The screen presentation and player input would be similar to Scrabble. I know little of programming and wondered if anyone would advise me of considerations before contacting a programmer, such as Is solo player best to start with or should I go for multiplayer? Should I confine it to desktop or to mobile devices? Single platform or cross-platform? How important is difficulty level player options? Of course, I would direct the programmer to the company's developer resources for their compliance requirements. Thanks for your help.
  23. Hi, I have been having this question on my mind far too long - so I decided to make a topic about it. Hence, I personally believe that things such as minimalist products, user interfaces and games exists (in terms of features and a like), so it makes me to question what could be the contents of minimalist 2D game framework? To give a more deep explanation, the purpose of this topic is to reach some sort of understanding what is needed (minimum) if someone want's to make a new game framework. Moreover, if someone can give an insight how he or she get started of making one (steps to do first), it would be great. Thus, even though I think that there is great existing game frameworks available, for me, most of them are too complex to be used in every single project as there is always things such as the learning curve, file sizes & a like; making things from "scratch" time to time is a great change to learn more. So, what makes up a minimalist 2D game framework? What are the things which you consider as a must-have? Regards, Mane
  24. Hello all, I would like to show my finished web game - NessBots! In this game you design and code a robot (in JavaScript), and send it out to fight challenges and other players. This is a programming game/challenge. You can check it out here: www.nessbots.com you can check it out without registration (a mini-sandbox in the main page), but registering is very simple and easy and don't even require a real email (no confirmation), so please register to have to full experience of creating a bot! I'd love to get some feedbacks and opinions about the game. thanks!
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