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Found 8 results

  1. I made a multiplayer HTML5 game for web browsers but i have no idea how to monetize it. I don't have a google adsense account and I don't think they'd accept my game with low (20-30) amount of players, i can't afford server prices without ads. Any suggestions are welcome. (except sites that show popup ads or only has paypal as payment method)
  2. How to be part of the GIANT Chinese Mobile Market Research Data shows that the Chinese Mobile Game’s Market will break its scale to 3 Billion USD in the year 2014($3.2B US & $21.6B worldwide)! This marks the milestone difference that China will make in the global mobile market. The ARPPU and conversion rate of the Chinese users have both increased by 20% from January to March. What the foreign advertisers, app developers and even the networks need now is to get a good channel, a great platform, and a brand new start to develop their business in the Chinese Market. Where to find? FurtherMobi should be the best choice. We are working with many 3rd Party App Stores (like 91Help, Tencent Mobile Master) which have became the main channels to get traffic in China! So what are you waiting for? Grab your chance and be part of the Giant Chinese Mobile Market. We are right here, waiting for you! Skype (angel.furthermobi)
  3. Hey I dunno if anyone can help me, but I followed along with this tutorial to add CPMStar ads to the start of my game: I signed up for an account with CPMStar and set up my game and they give me this spot id#: 14520QB5D9BE5C which looks to be used with Flash. My game is HTML5... All the examples I can find online use a "pid" which doesn't remotely resemble the code I was given: <script language="Javascript"> var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math.random()*999999); var cpmstar_pid=10016; document.writeln("<SCR"+"IPT language='Javascript' src='//"+cpmstar_pid+"&script=1&rnd="+cpmstar_rnd+"'></SCR"+"IPT>"); </script> Can anyone offer advice? Thanks
  4. Hello! Here's a little promotional game I just completed with Phaser. This is my first foray into javascript/html5 and I think it turned out neat. Please give it a play in your browser! Thanks! [edit 12/31 - I added a little interactive Christmas card built with Phaser as well] I've found Phaser to be a great framework -- a lot of advergaming and promotional possibilities.
  5. Yep, it's another flappy bird type of clone. But don't despair! I've added some other elements to the game play. The main reason for me creating this game was I wanted a simple concept to be able to get the game done quickly. Where I spent my time was not on making a unique game, but I wanted to go through the entire process of doing all of the other things outside of the game creation to get a mobile game deployed in an app store with a simple banner advertising along the bottom. There were a lot of challenges to get things working. First off, the board here has been an incredible resource. I used posts here to handle the following issues. Proper scaling of the game for mobile resolutionsBest practices for audio in the mobile space (Kindle Fire being the only exception)Best practices for implementing pause/resumeGetting CocoonJS/MoPub/Admob integrated and workingBest practices and things to avoid when using CocoonJs/Phaser In addition, I wanted to go through the metrics of getting a good looking game out into the Google Play Store. Making appropriate game-play screenshots, videos for the store listing. How to sign the .APK file in order to be published to the store. How to handle versions after deployment to incorporate new features and update to devices. Differences between deploying to Chrome store vs. Google Play vs. Kindle marketplace using a single code base. The lessons learned from this process were to better educate myself on the challenges for targeting mobile platforms. In addition to these findings, I also want to include in the future: deploying to iOS, multiple ad network integration (pros/cons of performance via mopub and impressions), better marketing techniques during the process of game development through release and beyond, testing on multiple mobile devices If you aren't adverse to yet another game that follows the flappy bird mechanic, I would appreciate any feedback on the game or experience on your particular mobile platform. You can download the game here: Here are some screenshots. All art assets are from
  6. Senior Software Engineer - Mobile Advertising (m/f) // Softgames Our vision is to reshape the way how millions of people discover, play and share mobile games across multiple platforms – anywhere at any time around the globe. Like nobody else we purely focus on browser-based games and are growing at sky rocketing 200% on a monthly basis. Benefit from HTML5 and unleash your potential to become part of the next big thing in Berlin! SOFTGAMES ( is operating the leading HTML5 games publishing and engagement platform which draw millions of monthly players. We help game developers to secure, monetize and distribute their HTML5 games globally at scale through own portals and an extensive partner network. With us, any portal, carrier or app can easily and effectively engage and monetize their user base with free HTML5 games – either as stand alone or full white label version. We work with thousands of partners including leading multi-national companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Mozilla. SOFTGAMES is now looking for an enthusiastic Senior Software Engineer – Mobile Advertising to complement our developer team and to help SOFTGAMES’ HTML5 games publishing and engagement platform to get to the next stage. This position is the right one, if you´re an advanced developer with huge ambitions and strategy-skills. You´ve a deep understanding of the ad tech industry and now you want to turn your ideas and latest technologies into reality. Your role… - You´re fully responsible for the architecture: setting up, create, develop and optimize our Ad-Delivery Structure (currently OpenX, in the future also DFP) - You´re technically integrating new advertisers and setting them up - The Ad Mediation Logic is up to you: You understand it, set it up and optimize it - Also the tracking/ reporting system is up to you as you´ll also set it up and maintain it - Due to your work and efforts you´ll make sure, Softgames will increase its key assets and single impressions. You… - have a degree as B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Software Engineering or similar, with a solid background in Computer Science (data structures, algorithms, design patterns, scalability). - have min. 3 years experience writing production-ready object-oriented code in a web environment (C++, C#, Java, Go, etc.) and solid knowledge of JavaScript. - have good knowledge and experience with Google AdWords, Google Analytics and DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) or OpenX. - are passionate about the ad tech industry and its ecosystem. - are comfortable using terms like DSP, SSP, Exchange, RTB and Audience. - are a team player that likes to discuss solutions and ideas We… are a spirited, ambitious, international and enthusiastic teamplay and share games for millions of monthly gamers around the world from the heart of Berlinbelieve in HTML5, as well as cross-browser and cross-platform compatibilityare the spearhead in terms of HTML5 gaming and HTML5 monetizationwant YOU to join our team Have we caught your interest? Then we look forward to your detailed application together email! Write us:
  7. Nuggeta is launching an HTML5 portal ( and is looking for HTML5 games. Developers will receive revenue share generated by advertising. We can guarantee you new income from the day one your game is published. The portal will also make you known and will bring new exposure to your game or IP. With, Nuggeta wants to become the reference for HTML5 games on web and mobile. Thanks to Nuggeta API, the portal and the games will be linked together bringing new features and social aspects such as achievements and points to earn real gifts, multiplayer synchrone or asynchrone, chat,... If interested, contact us through
  8. Hi, I am a part of a startup called GreedyGame Media and we have developed a tool(SDK) that when included in the game development environment will allow certain elements of the games to be replaced with branded assets at the run time. The sdk is build in such an efficient way that it minimizes the coding required. This will result in a highly contextual in-game advertising of the brands and game developers can benefit through it on a large scale. We gave reach to brands and our tool is cross platform plus concentrated on mobiles. Interested developers can contact here or can reach us at In the meantime, you can check our website: