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Found 8 results

  1. Good morning! I've a question about trails. I've an image of a point who's moving from left to right (not always with the shortest track) and I would like to let him have a trail. Is there in Phaser a better (and surely smart) way to do that instead of create multiple tweens for multiple identical image object with identical track who have different alpha? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for the excellent forum! It's amazing. My question is, how to make and which the best way to make a "Light trail effect". I've make this image from photoshop to illustrate: The red dot is the point that the line shall follow. When the line becomes long, needs to fade out. I thought 2 possibilities to do it : Particles or slice and manipule a "shape" (texture), dividing in 3 parts, like : My doubt is, what is better? Or have other way to do... And, the Particles or Particles Storm from Phaser can do this? Sorry for my bad english Thanks for patience!
  3. Hi, Players in my game leave trail. When update is called I'll make the trail image based on the current player position and add it to the trail group: let trailImg = state.make.image(playerX, playerY, 'trail'); this.trailGroup.add(trailImg); The game world might be big and after a while this group holds few thousand trail images. This leads to performance problems. The methods which take really long to execute are Phaser.Group.preUpdate, PIXI.WebGLSpriteBatch.render and PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer.updateTransform. How should I handle this?
  4. Hi, I have 2 render textures swapping to create a trail, a bit similar to this concept http://phaser.io/examples/v2/display/pixi-render-texture does anybody know why my trail never fades out.. I guess it's because the value never actually reaches 0? you can see there is grey residue of the sprite everywhere http://phaser.io/sandbox/VWOOYqpU/play I've adjusted the second image in photoshop to show the trails as they're not always easy to see on a monitor, but that can depend on the colour used thanks J
  5. I'm making a game in Canvas/Phaser at the moment and I'm looking for a solution for the following problem. I need to make Y-axis trail from an object that only moves on the X-axis, so that it looks like it leaves a dust trail. However everywhere I look people are creating trail from bouncing balls or other X/Y moving objects, this is not what I want to create. I am using the Phaser game framework to develop the game, if there is a solution within this framework that would be supurb, but if you could help me with a pure canvas solution/idea that would be great too! I hope I chose the right words for my explanation, below I added a picture and a small video that visualizes my wanted end result. http://vrrsus.com/static/lastvoyage/web6.jpg https://youtu.be/Fd7VOACEKig?t=22m32s Thanks again for taking the time to help/read my question
  6. Hi everyone! I have in my application a lot of object (around 5 000) moving. I want to leave a trail behind them. I've tried with the particle engine of babylon.js but it was a fail with 5 fps... I wonder how i can make a trail with good performance with Babylon.js. This code is pretty clean but i'm afraid of the performance of this for so many object. How can i do this ? Thank you guy!
  7. I would add a trail to a sprite when a movement starts. It is very typical in many games. A kind of blur path is displayed. greetings!
  8. Hi all, Please find the following link http://collegetomato.com/forDhruva/nanoSWAT/curveMovement/ which I have done using construct2 game engine and it took me almost a week to do this. Considering my programming skill of a designer(who also codes sometimes) it would take more time in Phaser. Can you help me out with a code snippet which simulates the action shown in the link The algorithm I have used is ... I am storing the trails as the player is touching the screen and storing the X,Y, direction (relation between previous consecutive trails) in an array which I am looping through and then changing the Y position of the main Sprite when the X of the next trail is less than the main sprite. ..if the current direction is LEFT to RIGHT.similarly changing the Y position of the main sprite if the X of next trail is greater than the main sprite ..if the current direction is RIGHT to LEFT sorry if the explanation for the algo is crude thanks
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