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Found 4 results

  1. Check out my new tutorial on creating vehicles and terrain at! You can see the demo of this tutorial here: Don't forget to let me know when you have created the next hit 2D driving game!
  2. This is a (sort of) port of the Three.js vehicle demo using Cannon.js, in case someone is looking for vehicle physics or just want to play with it. I made some weird choices like sperating the renderLoop and the postStep, and some quesswork here and there. And some options are left out, but can easily be added by looking at the Cannon.js docs or logging the vehicle object itself. This includes ConnectionPoints, which wheels steer, back or front wheels etc. Just play with the options, and press the "Run with Options" in the bottom of the Dat.GUI. WASD to drive around. Space to brake.
  3. Hey folks! I'm new to the HTML5 Game Devs community, and am in the process of learning BabylonJS. I'm looking for advice on how I should simulate vehicular physics for tanks in an open source game project I've began with some old friends. "Nanoshooter" open source tank game on GitHub Issue specifically about the tank physics We're hoping to create a physical simulation for tank movement that is as simple and optimal as possible, because we want to be able to simulate as many tanks as we can get away with. We're not looking for realism or high accuracy — we're more interested in producing a zippy and capable feel to the tank movement, where the player can easily roll over obstacles instead of becoming stuck on them, making the player feel in control rather than frustrated at a finicky tank that gets stuck on rocks and things. I was hoping that somebody from this community might be able to point us in the right direction with some tips, pointers, and ideas about how we could accomplish physics based tank movement for our game. Overall, with this game project, we're hoping to build a fun tank game, but also contribute to this community and the BabylonJS ecosystem by creating an open source framework for building online multiplayer realtime action games on BabylonJS. Glad to have joined this community, Thanks! - Chase, and the Nanoshooter team.
  4. Hello, I'm wondering how one would implement a racing game in babylon.js or how one would implement car physics. I found a link to a demo (, but it seems like he's using cannon.js as the physics engine directly and not through the babylon.js wrapper which is instead just used as the renderer. Is there also a way through the babylon.js framework instead of interacting with cannon.js directly? Thank you for helpful answers, Turakar