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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, for my specific goal I need to have a group of components which are fixed to the camera, but only in x axis. What I mean is that if a player moves left or right, the group moves with the player (is fixed to the camera), but when the player moves up or down, the components behave like if they were part of the world (not fixed to the camera). What's the best (or any) way to implement this within Phaser? Thanks!
  2. Hey folks, I am using a FreeCamera and want to be able to rotate all the way around the x-axis but the rotation always stops when I look straight down. I searched the forum and the web but I couldn't find a setting to disable that. Is that a technical limitation or is it somehow possible to create a workaround? Not sure how useful a playground for that question is, but better to have on than not to http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#22PVJH You start looking at a sphere, then look down, you will see another sphere and the ground. If you are there, you can't look down an further. I would like to be able to keep going. Like sitting in a spaceship with no real down. You know what I mean?
  3. I'm making a game in Canvas/Phaser at the moment and I'm looking for a solution for the following problem. I need to make Y-axis trail from an object that only moves on the X-axis, so that it looks like it leaves a dust trail. However everywhere I look people are creating trail from bouncing balls or other X/Y moving objects, this is not what I want to create. I am using the Phaser game framework to develop the game, if there is a solution within this framework that would be supurb, but if you could help me with a pure canvas solution/idea that would be great too! I hope I chose the right words for my explanation, below I added a picture and a small video that visualizes my wanted end result. http://vrrsus.com/static/lastvoyage/web6.jpg https://youtu.be/Fd7VOACEKig?t=22m32s Thanks again for taking the time to help/read my question
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