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Joe Kopena

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This weekend I've been playing with fullscreening, specifically SHOW_ALL, and had some challenges getting the stock examples and project template to work correctly on both my laptop and phone.  After mostly nailing those down, I have a blog post up that may be useful to others:


I've also posted that demo code and the start of a revised boilerplate project template to GitHub:



I'd be appreciative of any comments, suggestions, and pointers to best practices.  In particular, next I'd like to figure out why it gets scaled disproportionately in Firefox.  I'm also not sure the orientation prompt (in the larger project) is being handled optimally, it shows flashes of rotated screen in the transition though there may be nothing much to be done about that.  The standard project template doesn't show the orientation prompt at all in fullscreen mode because of the div not being contained in the fullscreen element.



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