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Click/touch not working on mobile


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var sprite = new game.Sprite('present.png', this.positionX, this.positionY, {		});		sprite.interactive = true;		sprite.mousedown = function(event)		{			console.log("Mousedown X:" + event.global.x + ", Y:"+event.global.y);			 // Android double tap fix			if (game.device.mobile && !event.originalEvent.changedTouches) return;						game.scene.addScore();			this.remove();		}		game.scene.addTween(			sprite.position,			{				y:game.system.height			}, 2000,			{				easing:'Quadratic.In',				onComplete: function(){					if(sprite.__hit === true)					{						sprite.remove();					}else{						game.scene.takeLife();						sprite.remove();					}				}			}		).start();				sprite.addTo(game.scene.stage);

I'm adding a new sprite with the code sample above. it works on desktop fine, but when i move to mobile to test the touch/click event isn't captured at all.


Any idea why this might be happening? 


Many thanks

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