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The Phaser Ludum Dare 31 Thread


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I have joined too, this is my game for ludum dare 31:


Stop Christmas! - Ludum Dare


It's a tower defense, using phaser of course :) and it is already playable.




For tomorrow I plan to put in some sounds and maybe balance a bit.

It's my first tower defense.. balancing this stuff is really weird.


Let me know what you think!

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I'm really not happy with the way it went. Things that should have been very simple indeed seemed to take for ever. There are bugs that beak them game still in it, but I've decided to just leave it as it is. The logic should be really simple so I don't know what's giving me the trouble.


Oh the graphics are crap too. I do actually quite like the game idea though.  I think it has potential. It contains the F word so if that offends you don't click.



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We are back :)




Here is our entry : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=19347

You can play directly here : http://ladybugriders.com/games/WavyJumpsProject/WavyJumps/


We use LREditor (based on Phaser) to make our game.


Enjoy and please, give us feedbacks ;)

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I made it, in the last minutes. :)

It is a retro style twin stick shooter (or something like that)
I used the Pixelscaler plugin, but I had to hack it a little bit to handle mouse events and scanline+vignette effect.

I restricted it to the NES palette and NES resolution.

You can play/rate it here:

Jungle Night


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Me and @shaydavidson took part in our first LDJAM which was also the first time we used Phaser :D

It was a great experience and Phaser is a really awesome framework!


Check out the game we build - AppAtk a fun and small tower defense right on your home screen :)




You can comment or vote on the LDJAM page - http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=23680

And the code is available in our GitHub repo - https://github.com/RothschildGames/appatk

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HIya! So many fun games!


Here's mine, submited it half an hour before the end. It's the first time I've used shaders with Phaser. Hell it's the first time I've really used Phaser for something other than little experiments. But it was up to the challenge. Thanks to all the people that contribute to the library, it's awesome.


It has music from my band in Mexico, Dolphant, they actually helped me with most of the graphics and the sounds. They are such good guys.




Here it is:



and here is two screenshots:


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Hi, just seeing this thread now.

Here is our game we use Blender for gfx and save as 2d pixel art asset  :ph34r: 

Code was writing in coffeescript.

Apropos is there here anybody who want to exange about coffeescript+phaser and or testing game ?

my twitter @ranska_






here si the link





sorry for this to big picture I will resize it

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