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Character animation not playing in sandbox


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Hi David,


Got the animation running but the character rig is warped and stretched. Everything works fine in blender but not in babylon. In the log file there are warnings about Maximum # of influencers exceeded for a vertex, extras ignored. Is this what is causing the rig to not work correctly? Attached source files.


Thanks for your help!





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Union, checking the files you provided tells me this came from Mixamo - all free stuff - both character (Carl) and the basic walk animation - so no issue there.


I gather that the the download from Mixamo was as a .dae file with the option not to include all the finger bones(20+?). This will run in Blender nicely but because of what seems the "4 influencers" issue does not work well in babylon.js


But I was able to make it work.




Here are the basic steps I took using Union's files:


1. Put the rigged figure into the "rest pose in Blender (Click on the armature then go to Armature Properties->Skeleton->Rest Pose.

2. Selected the "Carl" mesh and unparented it (ALT + P, then "Clear Parent"). The mesh flips over onto its back. So, rotate the mesh 90 degrees on the X-axis. The rig and mesh should be lined up.

2a. Apply the Rotation***

3. Selected the "Carl" mesh and deleted all the vertex groups.

4. Select the mesh and then the rig/armature then CTRL + P and select Automatic Weights.


Now export to a .babylon file. Seems to work fine.


I suspect that the mixamo weight painting , or the weight paint assignment through the .dae import may be having an impact on "4 influencers" issue. The steps1-4 above essentially remove that and reassign them using Blender's rigging system.


I have created a zip file with my .blend file, my .babylon file and the character texture.


You can find it here:




My file also contains some other cleanup, but nothing relating to the character animation. I might lower the specular level as I don't think his jacket and pants are quite that shiny :o


cheers, gryff :)


EDIT: *** it is amazing what you do automatically :rolleyes:


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