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whats a good tablet to buy for testing


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For iOS, my favorite iPad is the mini.. however, for testing, you should probably buy a retina iPad. At this point, don't buy anything from Apple, as they have a press event in about 2 weeks which may unveil the next iPad upgrade.


For Android, I prefer the new Nexus 7 over all the others, though I've also seen great Canvas performance on the Asus Transformer Prime.


Good luck!

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You can buy ipad1 for as cheap as 175$ if you search long enough :) If you are going for android try to find something with around 2x1ghz as this is pretty mediocre cpu used in wide range of devices and probably you can get it for 100$ as nexus7 can be bought on amazon for 200$ (and it does have quad cpu)


Overall I would say "good" devices to testing are the bad ones. If your game can run at 30 fps stable on mediocre or worse tablet, it will run perfectly on better devices.

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On Android side I got 3 devices for testing:


1. Above-average spec device: Nexus 7 (good value for money!) running latest Android 4.3


2. Average spec device: Kindle Fire flashed to Android 4.1


3. Low-end spec device; A Android phone running 2.3.4


For HTML-5 games, it runs horrible in 3 above, unless you repackage it to native Android app by using CocoonJS cloud service.


On iOS side, also 3 devices:


1. iPhone 4S running iOS 5


2. iPad 2 running iOS 6


3. iPhone 5 (belonging to my wife) running iOS6


HTML-5 games run good in general across iOS devices, except for sound issues.


Hope this helps.

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Well I personally use a Nexus 10 but if you're very serious about supporting iOS and have the extra money it might be better to go with a retina iPad.
There are many quirks about safari, mobile safari in particular that you may run into and would otherwise never know without testing directly for it. ( we ran into that issue at work a few months back)

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One of the best things about google nexus series is that these devices will have always latest android versions.
@sandy234 (nexus 7) for native apps the most important is hardware + android version. For html5 it depends mostly on browser you have.
So at the end I would suggest nexus (4,7,10) or something with ios but it's true, safari sometimes is strange.

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