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Chirp - 8-bit javascript chitpune music composer


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Chirp is a javascript toolkit for online chiptunes creation. 


1) Getting started with online composer

2) Understanding drumkit generator




Advanced loop | Piano experiment | TS-404 bassline | Shop music from Tyrian


More links:


/r/chirpers community on reddit


Happy chirping!



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Cool! I've been using jsfxr for mine. It's too late for me to switch now, but I'll play around with it anyway. 


Are there any file size estimates for an x second looping track for example?


(Edit: Just ran into a bug in Demo 2. When tabbing away in Canary the track doesn't stop and doesn't keep going properly - just plays the last note before your tab-off perpetually and resumes the rest when you tab back)

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@benny: I wouldn't dare using it on mobile devices :) Also the live synthesis is only a substitute until it will be possible to render an audio file. It works on my Nexus7 with Chrome Beta but it chokes.


@Lazer: in terms of JS13k - you would need to spend 4 kb of your ZIP file - the good thing is that with some hacks it can also provide sounds to your game. 

+ Fixed the switch tab issue using Visibility API - it is impossible to have it playing in background right now


@Chris: Yeah the drumkit goes slightly out of rhythm from time to time - the thing is that drums do not use WebAudioAPI - I have to rewrite it. Also depending on machine power the oscillators might be delayed.


I have just implement polyphony for greater depth - make sure it ain't get cached - http://chirp.rezoner.net/player/522775be631e72362f000002

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I have published explanation for drumkit machine in the composer https://github.com/rezoner/chirp/wiki/Acko-Drumkit-Explained


Also there is a new instrument - soundtoy (by Inigo Quilez) which can generate variety of sounds based on mathematical formulas.


@majman: yeah I should have thought about tooltips in the first place - would be much easier to implement them - however.... I am all about rewriting things from scratch :)

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