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Panda 2 development


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Hi @enpu


Does 'gotoAndStop(frame)' still work with animations?


I've tried the new format and can't get it to work. I used gotoAndStop(), all the time in the previous version of Panda :)


I also think that 'fromFrames' was really useful.


Thank you in advance!


PS. setTexture(); doesn't seem to work either.

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Is it possible to resize a sprite in the 2.0 ?

I tried to do something like that but it doesn't worked:

game.createClass('Ground', 'Sprite',{  texture: "choco.png",  tint: 0xfff000,  init: function(type, x, y, width, height)  {    console.log("New Ground", type, x, y, width, height);    this.width = width; // Don't work.    this.height = height; // Don't work.  }}
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Hi @enpu


Sorry, I forgot about the playground examples!


It looks quite different from the way I did things in 1.xx


I used event.target quite a bit, but in the examples it seems to favour using classes, with no mention of event.target.


I have no problem using classes to create my objects, but sometimes find it a bit unnecessary.


Sometimes I'd also like to use the same function on a number of sprites (I think I can inject the sprite with the function :) )


I think that event.target was quite convenient and wondering whether there is a chance of it coming back?


Thank you!

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It is not very different from 1.x, just function parameters are a bit different, and there is no need to define touch functions separately anymore.



var sprite = new game.Sprite('panda.png');sprite.interactive = true;sprite.mousedown = function(x, y, id, event) {    console.log(x, y); // Mouse/touch position    console.log(id); // Touch id (for multi-touch)    console.log(event); // Original mouse/touch event};
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Hi @enpu


Thank you for the explanation :)


... but what if I wanted to do something like this ...


touchTest = function(x, y, id, event) {

    event.target.rotation = 0.5*Math.PI;

smileyPiece1.mousedown = smileyPiece1.touchstart = touchTest;
smileyPiece2.mousedown = smileyPiece2.touchstart = touchTest;
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