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Testing Forum Suggestion


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There isn't a "suggestions" forum, so I figured I would post this in here since the people that frequent this forum would probably benefit the most.


I would like to create a "Platform Testing" or similar such forum.  Basically you can post your HTML5 game as a thread and people with different devices can play the game and give their feedback on performance/visuals/errors etc. 

Of course, participation would be not be compulsory, and just voluntary. But I think if we all worked together we could get a wide range of devices covered in each thread and it would be very valuable to report which devices games have been tested on when you pitch them.  


Some developers may already have a wide array of devices to test on, but I believe there are many who do not and could benefit greatly from such a forum.



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sounds like a good idea


I've collected a few devices over the last few months and would be happy to test stuff, a separate forum would certainly make it easier to browse and test a bunch of games in one go


a sticky for it could have a few pointers to make the process more useful all round eg.


- make test URLs as short as possible (bad = www.html5gamesrockmyballs.com/games/testing/nutscratcher_v2_testing.htm)

- add a reliable fps meter

- known issues on particular device/browser combinations (android chrome address bar can't be hidden, samsung stock browser 4xx freeze bug, iOS7 makes children weep etc.)

- a basic test procedure (what happens on orientation change? does the address bar hide? fps performance during gameplay etc.)

- testers should list full details of device, browser, OS version

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great ideas!

a suggestion forum section,

a testing forum section with a list of the most wanted devices with specs,

a topic with the check list each html5game must have (handle orientation, mute, etc)

suggestion for the testing url : p0123.mydomain.com where p0123 is the name of the app (p for prototype and 0123 for version number)

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