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A multiple website owning sponsor


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I was just contacted by a sponsor who is interested in buying licenses for 2 of my games. In his email he specified having 5 different websites. My question is: do I sell him one license per game or five separate licenses per game? 


Usually I wouldn't bother with such a question but since he made it so specific he got me all confused. 

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So far is just one build. They only asked me if could change the words on my word game to the ones in their database. Other than that it looks like I will only be delivering 2 games not 5 different  versions of each game.


No reply yet after pitching my price and making it clear they only had to pay for a single license per game. This time zone thing just kills me. Most sponsors I deal with seem to be awake when I am sleeping or just about to take off for work. Every conversation cycle takes a whole day. 

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