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Bad performance iPad


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I am making a game for the Insanity Game Jam 4:



It is a simple platformer with 4 levels (tilemaps) and the last level which is different.


The game is 480x320, and uses Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL for adapting size to screen.

I set this.game.stage.smoothed = false; for keeping a nice pixel design.


I was really satisfied of the game on desktop and my android mobile (Motorola Moto G)


Yesterday I tested it on my iPad 2 (Safari), and the performances were very very bad in the platform levels...

Exactly, it seems to lag when the camera moves.


I have some questions here:

  • I'm new to html5 game development, how can I see informations about performances, FPS, which functions use more memory / processing ?
  • Is this a known issue on iPad devices ?
  • I suspect my ennemies animations: I load tweens for moving them, is that way bad ? I could do classes for each ennemy and add an update function (and add it to the main game loop) for moving them ?
  • My game is 480x320 and my maps are not very larges, but are there ways to improve tilemaps ?



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I've have noticed the same issue with my game, and the only real answer is to optimize your code. (reduce the amount of stuff constantly going on in the update loop etc...)

To get fps info do:
        game.time.advancedTiming = true;

You can also check out the debug tools in the docs.

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thanks I will try it on the iPad later



thanks, the article is great, but after reading it I don't think my game is in the same case:
 My maps have 3000 tiles to render, each 40x40, and I use a static image for background.

the tilesets have 10 tiles.

I just have 3 layers, and no tiles are under another.

and at last, the problem is specific to iPad

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I tried the game on an old ipod touch 4g (safari ios 6.x) and it"s smooth, also on an old galaxy tab s2 it"s smooth so. Nice graphics! the controls are blocking the view though, maybe you should place them outside of the playing field.

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It runs fine under safari on an iPad Air (iOS 8.3).


I've found that WebGL support and performance on middleaged mobile apple devices is a bit flaky, force to canvas and see if that's any better - then if it is, then you'll need a special case for that device with that version of Safari to not use WebGL.

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