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I wrote 4 part tutorial how to build Snake game using Cocos2d-x HTML5 version


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Hello all  

I started to write tutorials blog about game development,especially exploring the options developer have when developing cross platform games using open source tools.      

for the first tutorial series i developed simple snake game which i plan to show how to implement it for the web,mobile and desktop.   

the framework i chose is Cocos2d-x. it is mature and professional and  above all it is open source.

and have great JS/Lua support.  

i will use JavaScript as my language for this. way ? Because it is easy and accessible. easy to learn for beginners.  

First part is for the web:  


To play the final game :  

The source code:  



Please note that this is the first draft , i will happy to get Feedback so i could iterate and improve.

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Good question , but to worm the user , i think it involve the iOS api while it detected it will fire callback which you will catch in your code . 

i dont think it is implemented in cocos2d-x engine 


yes, I hope it will be implemented in near-future.

this feature is really important if you want to get sponsorhip from html5 game. :)

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